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Gammond, Villiam A.
Hammond, W. A.
Hammond, William
Hammond, William A.
Hammond, William Alexander
Hammond, Wm. A.
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Cazauran, A. R. (1820-1889)
Cazauran, Augustus R. (1820-1889)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Labadie-Lagrave, Frédéric (1844-....))
McFarland, Daniel (1820-)
New York (State). Court of Common Pleas (City and County of New York)
Starkman, Józef (1848-1892))
United States Sanitary Commission
United States Sanitary Commission, 1862-1864
United States. Army. Office of the Judge Advocate General
Upham, Jabez Baxter
Vergil, Polydore (1470?-1555)
Catalogue of antique and modern furniture, grand Oriental carpets, silk rugs, a valuable Sèvres dinner service and numerous other objects suitable for household embellishment and utility removed from the residence of the late Surgeon-General W.A. Hammond ... and from the residence of Mrs. A.E. Martinsen ... to be sold at unrestricted public sale ... April 17th and 18th ... at the American art galleries ... conducted by Thomas E. Kirby, of the American art association, managers.
Cerebral hyperæmia the result of mental strain or emotional disturbance
Circular. No. 10, 1862:
Doctor Grattan A novel
Electro physiology and therapeutics; being a study of the electrical and other physical phenomena of the muscular and other systems during health and disease, including the phenomena of the electrical fishes.
Exercises at the celebration of the Founder's-day
Experimental researches relative to the nutritive value and physiological effects of albumen, startch, and gum, when singly and exclusively used as food.
impotenza sessuale nell'uomo e nella donna, 1898:, L'
impuissance sexuelle chez l'homme et la femme, L'
Insane asylum reform.
Insanity and the law, 1981:
Insanity in its medico-legal relations opinion relative to the testamentary capacity of the late James C. Johnston of Chowan County, North Carolina
Instructions for medical inspectors of the United States Army, 1863:
Jaunības grēki
Kā novēršami dzimumu kopdzīves ļaunumi
Lal A novel
Lectures on venereal diseases.
Military, medical and surgical essays, prepared for the United States Sanitary Commission, 1862-1864
Neurological contributions
New York post-graduate medical school and hospital. A memorial meeting on Feb. 23, 1900, in honor of the late Surgeon-General, William A. Hammond, M. D.
Niemoc płciowa u mężczyzn i kobiet oraz sposoby jej zaradzania
On pigmentary deposits in the brain, resulting from malarial poisoning.
On the cause of Vice-President Wilson's death.
On the Susquehanna; a novel
On Uroemic intoxication
On wakefulness with an introductory chapter on the physiology of sleep
open letter to Eugene Grissom ..., An
Personal recollections of General Nathaniel Lyon.
physics and physiology of spiritualism, The
Physiological memoirs.
Preserve your love for science
Reply of the judge advocate, John A. Bingham, to the defence of the accused, before a general court-martial for the trial of Brig. Gen. William A. Hammond, Surgeon General, U.S.A.
Report of a committee of the associate medical members of the Sanitary Commission, ... : on the subject of scurvy, with special references to practice in the Army and Navy.
rerum inventoribus;, De
Sexual impotence in the male and female
sexueel onvermogen bij den man en bij de vrouw, Het : oorzaken - natuurlijke behandeling - geneeswijze
Sexuelle Impotenz beim männlichen und weiblichen Geschlecht
Sleep and its derangements
Spinal irritation.
Spiritualism and allied causes and conditions of nervous derangement
Statement of the causes which led to the dismissal of surgeon-general william a. hammond from the army with a review of the evidence adduced before the court
Traité des maladies du système nerveux comprenant les maladies du cerveau, les maladies de la moëlle et de ses enveloppes, les affections cérébro-spinales...
Treatise on hygiene with special reference to the military service
Treatise on insanity in its medical relations
Treatise on the diseases of the nervous system
Trial of daniel mcfarland for the shooting of albert d. richardson, the alleged seducer of his wife
Two reports on the condition of military hospitals at Grafton, Va., and Cumberland, Md. ...
Vaccination. A report read before the American social science association, at New York, October 27, 1869 ...