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Spingarn, J. E.
Spingarn, Joel E.
Spingarn, Joel Elias
Спингарн, Джоэл Элиас
スピンガーン, J. E
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Croce, Benedetto (1866-1952)
Cutinelli Rèndina, Emanuele (1959-)
Della Casa, Giovanni (1503-1556)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (1749-1832)
Peterson, Robert (fl. 1600.)
Phreas, John (14.. ?-1465)
Sherman, Stuart Pratt (1881-1926)
Weinberg, Bernard (1909-)
Woodberry, George Edward (1855-1930)
遠藤, 貞吉
(1921)* as contributor**
(1924)** karl vossler, ed.
(1929)* as author—poetry**
(1931)* as editor**
, 3 vols. (1908-09)**
"American Scholarship" : les belles-lettres et l'érudition en Amérique au point de vue académique, par J. E. Spingarn,... Mémoire lu au Congrès d'histoire comparée, Paris 1900
Carteggio Croce-Spingarn
Creative criticism and other essays
creative criticism: essays on the unity of genius and taste (1917)**
critica letteraria nel Rinascimento, La : saggio sulle origini dello spirito classico nella letteratura moderna
Critical essays of the 17th century. Edited by J. E. Spingarn...
Critical essays of the seventeenth centery
Critical essays of the seventeenth century
Critical Essays of the Seventeeth Century
Criticism; an unpublished essay
Criticism in America, its functions and status;
Goethe's literary essays, a selection in English
Göttliche komödie.
History of literary criticism in the Renaissance, with special reference to the influence of Italy in the formation and development of modern classicism, by Joel Elias Spingarn, A
history of literature criticism in the renaissance. -, A
Journal of comparative literature, 1903-
Literary criticism, by J. E. Spingarn,...
Literary criticism in the Renaissance
Literary essays; a selection in English arranged by J. E. Spingarn.
Mediæval culture; an introduction to Dante and his times
new criticism: a lecture delivered at columbia university, march 9, 1910, the
new criticism, The : a lecture
New Hesperides and other poems, by Joel Elias Spingarn, The
new Hesperides, The : a poem read before the society of Phi Beta Kappa at Columbia University, June 11, 1901
note on dramatic criticism, A
Poems, by J. E. Spingarn
Poetry and religion; six poems
question of academic freedom; being the official correspondence between Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, and J. E. Spingarn, professor of comparative literature ... in Columbia University, during the academic year 1910-1911, with other documents., A
renaissance courtesy-book, A : Galateo of manners & behaviours
Renaissance courtesy-book, Galateo of manners and behaviours, by Giovanni della Casa [done into English by Robert Peterson]... Introduction by J. E. Spingarn, A
Review of Magendie's "Politesse mondaine et les théories de l'honnêteté en France au XVIIe siècle, de 1600 à 1660", [by] J. E. Spingarn
scholar's testament, A : two letters from George Edward Woodberry to J. E. Spingarn ; with an introductory note by Lewis Mumford.
Scholarship and criticism in the United States, by J. E. Spingarn...
Shin hihyō
sources of Jonson's "Discoveries", The
Sōzōteki hihyōron : Tensai to shumi tono dōitsusei o ronzuru shoronbun
Spingarn enchiridion; being passages from the writings of J.E. Spingarn in reply to Paul Elmer More's charge that he has taught that "criticism is only impression", A
Spingarn Enrichidion, being passages from the writings of J. E. Spingarn in reply to Paul Elmer More's Charge that he has tought that "Criticism in only impression", collected by Alain T. Peters, A
Unpublished letters of an English humanist [John Phreas or Free], with an introductory note by J. E. Spingarn
Younger generation, a new manifesto, by J. E. Spingarn,..., The
創造的批評論 : 天才と趣味との同一性を論ずる諸論文