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Winslow, C. E.
Winslow, C.-E. A.
Winslow, Charles-Edward A.
Winslow, Charles-Edward Amory
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Camp, Walter (1859-1925)
Gray, George Herbert (1874-1945))
Greenburg, Leonard (1892-)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Biology
Milbank Memorial Fund
Pratt, Robert Winthrop (1876-)
Prescott, Samuel Cate (1872-)
Rogers, Anne F.
United States. Public Health Service
Walker, Harold Harmon (1903- [from old catalog])
Williams Memorial Publication Fund
Williamson, Pauline Brooks
accreditation of North American schools of public health., The
Appraisal form for rural health work for use in rural counties, districts and other similar areas
Basic principles of healthful housing.
Children's year leaflet-no. 1 [-13]
City set on a hill
Conquest of Epidemic Disease : a Chapter in the History of Ideas
Cost of sickness and the price of health. Selections
cost of sickness and the price of health, The
Coût de la maladie et le prix de la santé, Le
diffusion products of bacterial cells as influenced by the presence of various electrolytes, The
dust hazard in the abrasive industry, The
effect of moderately high atmospheric temperatures upon the formation of agglutinins, 1916?:, The
Efficiency of various kinds of ventilating ducts.
electrophoretic migration of various types of vegetable cells, The
Elements of applied microscopy.
Elements of water bacteriology with special reference to sanitary water analysis
Evolution and significance of the modern public health campaign
Factors determining the rate of mortality of bacteria exposed to alkalinity and heat
Fresh air and ventilation
Handbook of health in war and peace; a manual of personal preparedness
Health in the twentieth century.
Health is wealth;
Health on the farm and in the village; a review and evaluation of the Cattaraugus county health demonstration, with special reference to its lessons for other rural areas
Health survey of New Haven; a report presented to the Civic federation of New Haven
Health under the "el"; the story of the Bellevue-Yorkville health demonstration in mid-town New York
Healthy living ...
Heating and ventilating in office buildings
Housing and citizenship : a study of low-cost housing
influence upon bacterial viability of various anions in combination with sodium, The
Insects and disease, a statement of the more important facts with special reference to everyday experience
Investigations on the purification of Boston sewage made at the Sanitary research laboratory and sewage experiment station of the Massachusetts institute of technology
J. bacteriol. (Print)
laws of health and how to teach them, The
Let's grow
Let's stay well
Magda: a play in four acts
Man and Epidemics
Man and the microbe; how communicable diseases are controlled
metabolic activity of various colon-group organisms at different phases of the culture cycle, The
Milbank memorial fund a meeting commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary, New York April the third, 1930
mortality of the Chinese in the United States, Hawaii and the Philippines., The
Mortality, prosperity and urbanization in United States counties.
neutrality of the churches in the war against disease, The
Notes on the efficiency of various systems of air conditioning in a munition factory
On the degree of bacterial purification of water effected by freezing, with special reference to the Bacillus of typhoid fever and the purity of public ice supplies
physiological basis of the rules for health., The
Protection of river and harbor waters from municipal wastes, with special reference to the conditions in New York
Public health administration in Russia in 1917
public health nurse: how she helps to keep the babies well, The
Relative importance of additive and antagonistic effects of cations upon bacterial viability
Report of the Committee on municipal health department practice of the American public health association in cooperation with the United States Public health service.
road to health;, The
School health program
School ventilation, principles and practices;
Sewage disposal
Standards for measuring the efficiency of exhaust systems in polishing shops
statistical study of generic characters of the Coccaceae, A
Stories of health and happiness
systematic relationships of the Coccaceæ, with a discussion of the principles of bacterial classification, The
Temperature and human life
tuberculosis program of Rhode Island; a survey conducted for the Rhode Island tuberculosis association in 1933, The
university and public health statesmanship, The
untilled fields of public health, The
use of tetraethyl lead gasoline in its relation to public health., The
useful factory inspection form, A
Vida saludable
World Health Organization.
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Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Biology, 1898