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Author of an Essay on the East India trade
Author of the Essay of ways and means
Author of the Essay on ways and means
Author of Wayes and means
Avenant, Charles D'
D'Avenant, Charles
Davenant, Charles
Davenant, Charles (Dr)
Double, Thomas
Double, Thomas (Dr)
Double, Thomas (Mr)
Double, Thomas (Sir)
Double, Tom
Essay of ways and means, Author of the
Essay on the East India trade, Author of an
Essay on ways and means, Author of the
Wayes and means, Author of
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Broughton, John (1673 or 4-1720))
Davenant, Charles (1656-1714))
Galliard, John Ernest -1747
Great Britain. Commissioners Appointed to Examine, Take, and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
Klingenberg, Carl (d. 1757)
Knapton, James (166.?-1736?))
Moyle, Walter (1672-1721))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Whitworth, Charles Sir, ca. 1721-1778
Xénophon (0430?-0355? av. J.-C.))
田添, 京二 (1925-2009)
Account of the trade between great-britain, france, holland, spain, portugal, italy, africa, newfoundland, &c. with the importations and exportations of all commodities, particularly of the woollen manufactures. deliver'd in two reports made to the commissioners for publick accounts
Circe, 1677:
Circe a tragedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Theatre
Circe, a tragedy. Charles D'Avenant.
clear demonstration, from points of fact, that the recovery, preservation and improvement of Britain's share of the trade to Africa, is wholly owing to the industry, care and application of the Royal African Company, A
Considerations on the important benefits to be derived from the East-India Company's building and navigating their own ships
Davenants Afhandling, angående sätt och utvägar, hvarigenom et folk kan winna uti handels-wågen, öfversatt ifrån engelskan. Stockholm, tryckt hos Lor. Ludv. Grefing, 1756.
Dialogue between a Member of Parliament, a divine, a lawyer, a freeholder, a shopkeeper, and a country farmer..., A
Discourse upon grants and resumptions. Showing how our ancestors have proceeded with such ministers as have procured to themselves grants of the crown-revenue; and that the forfeited estates ought to be applied towards the payment of the publick debts
Discourse upon improving the revenue of the state of Athens
Discourses on the Publick Revenues, and on the Trade of England
Dr. D-Nant's prophecys
Essay on the east-india-trade
Essay on the state of England.
Essay upon the probable methods of making a people gainers in the ballance of trade
essay upon universal monarchy Written in the year 1701, soon after Lewis the Fourteenth had settled his grandson Philip de Bourbon upon the throne of Spain. By Charles D'Avenant, LL.D. To which is prefixed, an abstract of his Essay upon the ballance of power., An
Essay upon Ways and Means of supplying the War
essays upon i the balance of power ii the right of making war, peace, and alliances iii universal monarchy
Essays upon peace at home and war abroad in two parts
Fairest if thou can'st be kind
Let nature hence-forward neglect
Memorial concerning the coyn of England.
New dialogues upon the present posture of affairs the species of mony, national debts, publick revenues, bank and East-India Company, and the trade now carried on between France and Holland
old and modern Whig truly represented, The : being a second part of his picture and a real vindication of His Excellency the Earl of Rochester, His Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Ireland ...
Opinion anent the salt and malt-taxes in England
Political and commercial works of that celebrated writer charles d'avenant, ll. d. relating to the trade and revenue of england, the plantation trade, the east-india trade, and african trade
postscript to a discourse of credit, and the means and methods of restoring it., A
Reflections upon the constitution and management of the trade to Africa.
Remarks on the badness of the market.
Report to the honourable the commissioners for putting in execution the act intituled an act for the taking, examining, and stating the publick accounts of the kingdom
Saul and Samuel; or, the common interest of our King and country; in an impartial address to a Member of Parliament
Select dissertations on colonies and plantations By those celebrated authors, Sir Josiah Child, Charles D'Avenant, ... and Mr. William Wood. Wherein the nature of plantations, ... are seriously considered. And a plan proposed, which may settle the unhappy differences between Great Britain and America.
Several reasons proving that our trade to Africa cannnot be preserved and carried on effectually by any other method than that of a considerable joint-stock, with exclusive privileges
Sir Thomas Double at court, and in high preferments in two dialogues between Sir Thomas Double and Sir Richard Comover, alias Mr. Whiglove, on the 27th of September, 1710
Some objections against settling the trade to Africa in any of the open methods proposed by the separate-traders and particularly that of a regulated company like the present Russia-Company
Some reflections on a pamphlet intituled England and East-India inconsistent in their manufactures
songs in Circe. -, The
Tom Double return'd out of the country or, the true picture of a modern Whig, set forth in a second dialogue between Mr. Whiglove & Mr. Double, at the Rummer Tavern in Queen-Street
Towards Great Britain : commerce & conquest in the thought of Algernon Sidney and Charles Davenant
Tracts on trade.