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Beeson, Jack,
Beeson, Jack Hamilton
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Columbia Chamber Orchestra
Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Elmslie, Kenward
Gabriele, Leyna
Harnick, Sheldon
Kansas City Lyric Theater. [from old catalog]
Patterson, Russell ([from old catalog])
Reardon, John
Saroyan, William (1908-1981)
Waldman, Frederic
Wilcox, Carol
Worden, Marvin
Boys and girls together
Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines
Choral music. Selections
Concerto grosso for piano and orchestra
Crazy Jane songs
Creole mystery
Day's no rounder than its angles are
Death by owl-eyes
Dr. Heidegger's fountain of youth. Prescription for living
Dr. Heidegger's fountain of youth. Spinster's anguish
Dr. Heidegger's fountain of youth. Widow's waltz
Epitaphs. Composers
Epitaphs. Heavenly harps and organists
Epitaphs. Humoresque and hymn
Epitaphs. So let my living be; so be my dying
Fantasy, ditty and fughettas
Fire, fire, quench desire
From a watchtower. Heaven-haven
From a watchtower. Listeners
From a watchtower. Mutability
From a watchtower. Selections
Fugue in flight
Give the poor singer a penny
Greener pastures
Hello out there
In praise of singing
Lizzie Borden. Abbie's bird song
Lizzie Borden. Killing time
Lizzie Borden. Margret's garden aria
Millay sonnets
My heart's in the Highlands
Practice in the art of elocution
Ruminations of a dowager-villa
Settings from the Bay Psalm book. Psalm 131
Settings from the Bay Psalm book. Psalm 47
Sonatas, piano. no. 4
Sonatas, piano, no. 5
Sonatas, viola, piano
Songs (1945)
Songs (1950)
Songs (1952). Calvinistic evensong
Sorry, wrong number
Summer rounds and canons
Sweet bye and bye. Wages of sin
Symphonies, no. 1, A
Tides of Miranda
Vocal music. Selections
You should of done it blues
Photolithograph of the composer's manuscript
Thesis (M.M.)--Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1943