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Heard, Gerald
Heard, H. F.
Heard, Henry Fitzgerald
ハード, ジェラルド
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Church, Archibald (1886-)
Fukase, Motohiro (1895-1966)
Heard, Henry FitzGerald (1889-; see also from)
Huxley, Aldous Leonard
Isherwood, Christopher (1904-1986)
Isherwood, Christopher William Bradshaw (1904-1986)
Maugham, W. Somerset (1874-1965)
Maugham, William Somerset (1874-1965)
Prabhavananda, Swami (1893-1976)
Steinbeck, John (1902-1968)
Yasuda, Shōichirō (1914-)
安田, 章一郎 (1914-)
深瀬, 基寬 (1895-1966)
amazing Mycroft mysteries, The : three novels
ascent of humanity; an essay on the evolution of civilization from group consciousness through individuality to super-consciousness, The
Bergpredigt, Die : [The Code of Christ]
black fox; a novel of the seventies., The
code of Christ; an interpretation of the Beatitudes, The
creed of Christ, The : an interpretation of the Lord's prayer
Darakuron : Rekishi no naka ni kami ga aruka
dialogue in the desert, A
emergence of man, The
eternal gospel, The
Exploring the stratosphere
five ages of man, The : the psychology of human history
Gabriel and the creatures;
Gospel according to Gamaliel., The
great fog, and other weird tales, The
great fog, The : weird tales of terror and detection
human venture., The
Is another world watching? The riddle of the flying saucers.
Is God evident? An essay toward a natural theology.
Is God in history? An inquiry into human and prehuman history, in terms of the doctrine of creation, fall and redemption.
lost cavern, and other tales of the fantastic., The
Man the master
Morals since 1900
Murder by reflection
Narcissus, an anatomy of clothes
New pacifism;, The
notched hairpin; a Mycroft mystery, The
Pain, sex and time : a new hypothesis of evolution
Pain, sex, and time : a new outlook on evolution and the future of man
Prayers and meditations.
preface to prayer, A
Quaker mutation, A
Realist (London, England : 1929)
realist., The
recollection, The
Reflections with Gerald Heard. [Sound recording]
riddle of the flying saucers. Is another world watching?, The
Science front, 1936
Science in the making
Social substance of religion; an essay on the evolution of religion
source of civilization, The
taste for honey, A
Ten great stories, a new anthology
Ten questions on prayer.
The amazing Mycroft Mysteries. H.F. Heard.
The third morality.
These hurrying years : an historical outline, 1900-1933
third morality, The
Training for the life of the spirit
Vedanta and the West.
Vedanta for modern man
Vedanta for the Western world
堕落論 : 歴史のなかに神があるか