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Jenks, Jeremiah
Jenks, Jeremiah W.
Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple
ゼンクス, ゼレミヤ ホイップル
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Alexander Hamilton Institute (U.S.)
Conant, Charles A. (1861-1915)
Conant, Charles Arthur (1861-1915)
Douglas, Robert K.
Douglas, Robert K. (1838-1913))
Douglas, Robert Kennaway
Hanna, Hugh Henry (1848-1920)
Kent, Charles Foster (1867-1925)
Lauck, W. Jett (1879-1949)
Lauck, William Jett
Lauck, William Jett (1879-1949)
Payne, Edward John (1844-1904)
Stati Uniti. Commission on International Exchange
United States. Commission on international exchange. [from old catalog]
Wells, Philip P. (1868-1929)
Wells, Philip Patterson (1868-1929)
別府, 丑太郎
America, our government, our history and our work
avantages économiques
Business and the government
character and influence of recent immigration
China, by Sir Robert K. Douglas, with special article, Late events and present conditions
Christianity and problems of to-day
Citizenship and the schools
Colonies, dominions, mandates
Colonies of the world, The Philippines under American government, by Jeremiah Whipple Jenks.
Considerations on a new monetary system for China
Création d'un centre mondial de communication..
Creation of a world centre of communication
essential and the unessential in currency legislation
Gold standard in China and Panama.
Gold standard in international trade : Report on the introduction of the gold-exchange standard into China, the Philippine Islands, Panama, and other silver-using countries, and on the stability of exchange.
Governmental action for social welfare
Great fortunes; the winning: the using
Henry C. Carey als Nationalökonom
history of nations, The
immigration problem, The : a study of American immigration conditions and needs
Influence of falling exchange upon the return received for national products: argument submitted to the Monetary commission of the Republic of Mexico, April 18, 1903
International exchange
Jesus' principles of living
Life questions of high school boys
Memoranda on a new monetary system for China
modern standard of business honor, annual address of the president of the American economic association, Jeremiah W. Jenks ..., The
Personal problems of boys who work
Philippines under American government
political and social significance of the life and teachings of Jesus, The
Principles of politics from the viewpoint of the American citizen
Questions of public policy ; addresses delivered in the Page lecture series, 1913, before the Senior class of the Sheffield scientific school, Yale university.
Report on certain economic questions in the English and Dutch colonies in the Orient
Report on the introduction of the gold-exchange standard into China,the Phillipine Islands, Panama, and other silver-using countries and on the stability of exchange
Sangyō gōdōron
science of business, The
Science positive du gouvernement
Stability of international Exchange : report on the introduction of the Gold-Exchange Standard into China and other silver-using Countries
testing of a nation's ideals, 1915:, The
testing of a nation's ideals, The : Israel's history from the settlement to the Assyrian period
trust problem, The
Trusts and industrial combinations Statutes and decisions of federal, state, and territorial law
Twelve studies on the making of a nation : the beginnings of Israel's history
value of the Panama Canal to this country
We and our government
Zhongguo xin huanfa jueshu