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Mac Millan, Harold
Macmillan, Harold
Macmillan, Harold M.
Macmillan, Harold Maurice
Macmillan, Lord
Macmillan, Maurice Harold
Makmillan, Garol'd
Makmillan, Garolʹd
Mc Millan, Harold
Mcmillan, Harold
Stockton, Harold Macmillan (comte de)
Stockton, Harold Macmillan (Earl of)
Stockton, Harold Macmillan (earl of Stockton)
Stockton, Harold Macmillan of
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Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George (1891-1969))
Anders, Władysław (1892-1970)
Brandon, Henry (1916-1993)
Bulganin, Nikolaj Aleksandrovič
Catterall, Peter (1961-)
Edmonds, Anthony O.
Geelhoed, E. Bruce (1948-)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1957-1963 : Macmillan) (see also from)
Hess, Jacques (1926-..)
Knight, Norman G.
McNamara, Robert S.
13 days : The Cuban missile crisis. October 1962
army in exile, An : the story of the Second Polish Corps
At the end of the day : 1961-1963
Bez ostatniego rozdziału
blast of war 1939-1945, 1967:, The
blast of war, The : 1939-1945
brink of Jordan, The
Careers encyclopedia : a work of reference upon some 220 occupations, for teachers, parents, schoolleavers, undergraduates and employment officials
Commonwealth tour. Quotations from the speeches, broadcasts and press conferences of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,... Harold Macmillan,...
[Conversations on Cuba and an interview of Macmillan by Henry Brandon]
Correspondence between the Prime Minister and Mr. Bulganin, April 20 to September 2, 1957.
Correspondence between the Prime Minister and Mr. Bulganin, December 11, 1957 to February 8, 1958.
Correspondence with the Soviet Union on summit talks, March 17 to April 16, 1958
Economic aspects of defence
evening with Harold Macmillan at The Wilson Center, November 25, 1980., An
grande tourmente mémoires de guerre 1939-1945, La
Harold Macmillan and the Berlin Wall crisis, 1958-62 : the limits of interests and force
[Henry Brandon interviews MacMillan and another person] [Ronald Reagan and John Anderson, a debate ; Interview with Carr?]
[Henry Brandon interviews Reston, Mcmillan, and Kissinger] [Berlin]
Indexing, the art of : a guide to the indexing of books and periodicals
Industry & the state, a Conservative view
introduction to the criminal law in Australia, An
leger in ballingschap, Een : de geschiedenis van het Tweede Poolse Legercorps
Macmillan diaries, The : the Cabinet years, 1950-1957
Macmillan-Eisenhower correspondence, 1957-1969, The
Main speeches delivered by the prime minister The Rt. Hon. Harold MacMillan, M.P., during his tour in Africa, 5th January to 5th February, 1960.
Men without work : a report made to the Pilgrim trust
middle way: 20 years after., The
middle way, The : A study of the problem of economic and social progress in a free and democratic society.
military and government, The : from Macmillan to Heseltine ; foreword by Harold Macmillan, first Earl of Stockton, 1988
mystery of the Polish Crown Jewels, The
New York times, 12/30/86, The
Oxford Union, The : playground of power
Pamiętniki 1914-1945
past masters, The : politics and politicians 1906-1939
Pointing the way, 1959-1961. Harold Macmillan
Prime Minister at Boston; Mr. Macmillan's address at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Friday, April 7, 1961., The
Reconstruction : a plea for a national policy
Riding the storm 1956-1959. Harold Macmillan..
road and rail crisis; memorandum to the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Harold Macmillan M.P., The
Speech by the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Harold Macmillan, M.P. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on Friday, 7th April, 1961.
[Sperling breakfast] [Harold Macmillan interviewed by Henry Brandon]
Text of a speech delivered to the General Assembly of the United Nations on Sept. 29, 1960
Thirteen days : a memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Tides of Fortune : 1945-1955
War diaries : political and war in the Mediterranean January 1943 - May 1945
War diaries : politics and war in the Mediterranean January 1943-May 1945
winds of chance and the blast of war, The
Winds of Change 1914-1939