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Genest, Edmond-Charles
Genest, Edmond Charles Edouard
Genet, ..
Genet, .. (Citizen)
Genet, .. (Citoyen)
Genet, Edmond C.
Genet, Edmond-Charles
Genêt, Edmond Charles Édouard
Genet, Edmund
Genet, Edmund Charles
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
France. Légation (U.S.)
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)
South Carolina
Ternant, Jean Baptiste (chevalier de, 1751-1833.)
Turner, Frederick Jackson (1861-1932)
United States. Department of State
United States. Department of the Treasury
United States. Dept. of State
Yates, Robert (1738-1801)
Address on the means of opening new sources of wealth for the northern states delivered on the 18th October, 1821, before the Agricultural Society of the County of Rensselaer, and the public attending their proceedings
Address on the several subjects of science, useful knowledge, public improvements finances and public law : in reference to rivers, canals, navigation, and commerce delivered on the fifth of february, 1824, in the assembly room, at the capitol of Albany, before the members of the legislature, and the promotion of useful arts
Aerostatic vessel. or Aeronaut Pla. 3.th Page 92 93 [estampe]
[Collection of early American music
Communications on the next election for president of the United States
Continuation de l'histoire des revolutions de Suede
Correspondance entre le citoyen Genet ... et les membres du gouvernement féderal ... 1794.
Correspondance entre le citoyen Genet, Ministre Plenipotentiaire de la Republique Française près les Etats-Unis, et les membres du gouvernement féderal : precedee des Instructions données à ce Ministre par les autorités constituées de la France, tirée des originaux.
correspondence between Citizen Genet, minister of the French Republic to the United States of North America, and the officers of the federal government, The : to which are prefixed the instructions from the constituted authorities of France to the said minister, all from authentic documents.
Correspondence of the French ministers to the United States, 1791-1797.
Correspondence relative to the renewal of treaties between France and the United States of America
Edmond Charles Genet papers
francais libres a leurs freres les canadiens., Les
Letter from the secretary of the Treasury transmitting the information required by a resolution of the House of representatives
letter to the electors of president and vice-president of the United States., A
Memorial on the alluvions or obstructions at the head of the navigation of the river Hudson ... 1818:
Memorial on the alluvions or obstructions at the head of the navigation of the river Hudson the impossibility of removing them effectually, the practicability of a lateral canal
Memorial on the upward forces of fluids, and their applicability to several arts, science, and public improvements
Memorial on the upward forces of fluids, and their applicability to several arts, sciences, and public improvements: for which a patent has been granted by the Government of the United States to the author.
Recherches sur ancien peuple finois d'après les rapports de la langue Finoi*. -
United States, 15th January, 1794. Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives, I lay before you as being connected with the correspondence already in your possession between the Secretary of State and the minister plenipotentiary of the French Republic, the copy of the letter from the minister of the 25th of December 1793, and a copy of the proceedings of the legislature of the state of South-Carolina.
Vindication of Mr. E.C. Genet's Memorial on the upwards forces of fluid in two letters to Professor Silliman. To which are added Remarks on aerostation
Washington, Jefferson and "Citizen" Genet. 1793. A set of Sevrés china.