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Bernarda B. Shahn
Bernarda Bryson
Bernarda Bryson Shahn
Bryson, Bernarda
Bryson, Bernarda (American painter, 1903-2004)
Bryson Shahn, Bernarda
Shahn, Bernarda B.
Shahn, Bernarda Bryson
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Language material
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Aru Vivuan
Belting, Natalia (1915-1997)
Belting, Natalia Maree (1915-1997)
Hasumi, Tetsuya
Kuwabara, Sumio (1924-)
Shahn, Ben (1898-1969)
Stockton, Frank Richard (1834-1902)
Withers, Carl
桑原, 住雄 (1924-)
蓮見, 哲弥
30,000,000 immigrants
Arkansas sharecropper and wife
Ben Shahn.
Ben shān gashū
Calendar moon
[Charleston slave market]
covered wagon], [The
Cyrus McCormick's reaper
[Daniel Boone]
dream of Nat Turner, The
Dreyfus affair, The : the Ben Shahn prints
empire builders, The
Escape, possibly Harriet Tubman
Escape via the underground railway
Gilgamesh : man's first story
grindstone of God; a fable., The
Harriet Tubman, called "Moses" 1934-35
Harriet Tubman escape, disguised as a man
[Illustrated drawings including book projects by Bernarda Bryson Shahn]
In hiding
[Miner's strike at Ludlow]
Mormon family], [A
mule and a plow--Resettlement Administration--Small loans give farmers a new start, A
Nat Turner profesies [sic] the rebellion which will take place with the eclipse of the moon, or, "Nat Turner's rebellion"
[Nat Turner's dream - sleeping runaway slave]
[New York Cotton Exchange]
Oceola [i.e., Osceola]
Posse pursuing a runaway slave
[Prints by Bernarda Bryson Shahn]
return of the Twelves, The
Runaway slave
Side show
[Slave ship]
spiral sketch book for "frontier story"], [The
storyteller's pack, a Frank R. Stockton reader., The
[Stranded mines]
sun is a golden earring, The
Twelve and the genii
twenty miracles of Saint Nicolas, 1960., The
Union Square
vanishing American frontier, The : Bernarda Bryson Shahn and her historical lithographs created for the Resettlement Administration of FDR.
[Western frontier stockade]
zoo of Zeus; a handbook of mythological beasts and creatures, The