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Cannon, James P.
Cannon, James Patrick
Cannon, Jim
Kan nong, Zhan mu si
Kannon, Dž. P.
Kannon, Dzh. P.
Kannong, Zhanmusi
Zhanmusi Kannong
坎农, 詹姆斯
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Centre d'études et de recherches sur les mouvements Trotskyste et révolutionnaires internationaux
Evans, Lee
Evans, Les
Karsner, Rose
Lestang, Olivier
Shachtman, Max (1903-1972)
Socialist Workers Party
Trotsky, Leon (1879-1940)
United States. District Court (Minnesota)
America's road to socialism
American Stalinism and anti-Stalinism.
background to "the struggle for a proletarian party"
coming american revolution, the
Communist League of America, 1932-34, The : James P. Cannon, writings and speeches, 1932-34.
debs centennial: written on the 100. anniversary of the birth of eugene v. debs, the
defending the revolutionary party and its perspectives; [documents and speeches of the 1952-53 factional struggle and split in the socialist workers party.].
Defense policy in the Minneapolis trial
Dog days : James P. Cannon vs. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America 1931-1933
don't strangle the party: three letters and a talk
E. V. Debs; the socialist movement of his time: its meaning for today
end of the comintern, the
fifth year of the russian revolution: a report of a lecture, the
fight against fascism in the usa: forty years of struggle described by participants, the
first ten years of american communism: report of a participant., the
history of American Trotskyism, 1928-1938, The : report of a participant
history of American Trotskyism, from its origin (1928) to the founding of the Socialist Workers Party (1938)., The
history of american trotskyism: report of a participant, the
history of American Trotskyism, The : from its origins (1928) to the founding of the Socialist Workers Party (1938)
i.w.w.: on the fiftieth anniversary of the founding convention, the
James P. Cannon and the early years of American Communism : selected writings and speeches, 1920-1928.
James P. Cannon vs. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America 1931-1933
Kampf für eine proletarische Partei, Der
left opposition in the U.S., 1928-31, 1981:, The
left opposition in the U.S., 1928-31, The : writings and speeches, 1928-31
left opposition in the us, 1928-31., the
leon trotsky: memorial address "to the memory of the old man"
leon trotsky on labor party: stenographic report of discussion held in 1938 with leaders of the socialist workers party
Letters from prison
Lutte pour un parti prolétarien extraits, La
Manifesto of the 4th International
Militant (New York, N.Y. : 1928)
Notebook of an agitator
peace politics vs revolutionary politics: henry wallace and the 1948 presidential campaign : report and summary of socialist workers party election policy of 1948
revolutionary party, The : its role in the struggle for socialism
road to peace according to stalin and according to lenin, the
russian revolution, the
socialism and democracy
Socialism on trial, 1942.
Socialism on trial; the offical court record of James P. Cannon's testimony in the famous Minneapolis "sedition" trial.
Socialism on trial. The official court record of James P. Cannon's testimony in the famous Minneapolis "sedition" trial.
socialist election policy in 1958
Socialist Workers Party in World War II, The : James P. Cannon writings and speeches, 1940-43.
Socialist workers party in World War II writings and speeches 1940-43, The
Speeches for socialism
Speeches to the party; the revolutionary perspective and the revolutionary party
struggle for a proletarian party, the
struggle for socialism in the "American century", The : James P. Cannon writings and speeches, 1945-47
Struggle for socialism in the «American century» writings and speeches, 1945-47, The
trade unions in america
Trend of the 20th century
voice of socialism: radio speeches by the socialist workers party candidates in the 1948 election, the
what is american fascism?: writings on father coughlin, mayor frank hague, and senator joseph mccarthy
What policy for revolutionists--Marxism or ultra leftism?
What socialist America will look like
why we are in prison: farewell speeches of the 18 swp and 544-cio minneapolis prisoners.
workers and the second world war: speech to the tenth national convention of the socialist workers party, oct. 2-4, 1942, the : with the political resolution adopted by the convention
Writings and speeches, 1928-31
Writings and speeches, 1940-43
writings from 1940-1943.
writings from 1945-1947.