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Stejneger, Leonard
Stejneger, Leonhard
Stejneger, Leonhard Hess
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Barbour, Thomas (1884-1946)
Golder, Frank Alfred (1877-1929))
Merriam, C. Hart (1855-1942)
Merriam, Clinton Hart (1855-1942)
Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College
Steller, Georg Wilhelm (1709-1746))
Townsend, Charles H.
Townsend, Charles Haskins
Townsend, Charles Haskins (1859-1944)
True, Frederick William (1858-1914)
United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Special Agents Division
Bering's voyages : an account of the efforts of the Russians to determine the relation of Asia and America
chapter in the history of zoological nomenclature, A
Check list of north american amphibians and reptiles
Chinese lizards of the genus Gekko, The
Death valley expedition. A biological survey of parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah., The
Description of two new lizards of the genus anolis from Cocos and Malpel Islands
Georg Wilhelm Steller : the pioneer of Alaskan natural history
green pit viper, Trimeresurus gramineus, in China, The
Herpetology of Japan and adjacent territory
herpetology of Porto Rico, The
Hjorten og den skotsk-norske landbro
identity of hallowell's snake genera, megalops and aepidea
new gerrhonotine lizard from costa rica, a
notes on a third collection of birds made in kauai, hawaiian islands
Notes on Mexican turtles of the genus Kinosternon
poisonous snakes of north america, the
Report of fur-seal Investigation
Report on the rookeries of the Commander Islands, season of 1897
Results of a biological reconnoissance of South-Central Idaho
Results of a biological survey of the San Francisco Mountain region and desert of the Little Colorado, Arizona. 1. General results with special reference to the geographical and vertical distribution of species. 2. Grand cañon of the Colorado. 3. Annotated list of mammals, with descriptions of new species. 4. Annotated list of birds.
Results of ornithological explorations in the Commander Islands and in Kamtschatka
results of the yale peruvian expedition of 1911. batrachians and reptiles
Russian fur-seal islands., The
Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska.
Steller's journal of the sea voyage from Kamchatka to America and return on the second expedition, 1741-1742
three new species of lizards from the philippine islands
Two Additions to the Japanese Avifauna, including description of a new species