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Gilbert, J. H.
Gilbert, J. H. (Sir)
Gilbert, Joseph H.
Gilbert, Joseph Henry
Gilbert, Joseph Henry (Sir)
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Lawes, J. B. (1814-1900)
Lawes, John Bennet (1814-1900)
Masters, Maxwell T. (1833-1907)
Masters, Maxwell Tylden (1833-1907)
Pugh, Evan ([from old catalog])
Warington, Robert (1838-1907)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Agricultural chemistry.
Agricultural investigation at Rothamsted
Discourse on the composition of the animal portion of our food, and of its relations to bread.
Effects of the drought of 1870 on some of the experimental crops at Rothamsted.
Entgegnung auf Baron Liebig's Grundsätze der agrikultur-chemie, mit Rücksicht auf die in England angestellten Untersuchungen.
Experimental inquiry into the composition of some of the animals fed and slaughtered as human food.
Experiments on ensilage, conducted at Rothamsted, season 1884-5
Further report of experiments with different manures on permanent meadow land.
growth of sugar beet and the manufacture of sugar in the United Kingdom., The
History, and present position, of the Rothamsted investigations.
Introduction to the study of the scientific principles of agriculture; being the inaugural lecture, delivered May 6, 1884, at the University museum, Oxford
Letter on the utilisation of town sewage
New determinations of ammonia, chlorine, and sulphuric acid, in the rain-water collected at Rothamsted.
nitrogen as nitric acid, in the soils and subsoils of some of the fields at Rothamsted., The
On agricultural investigation, 1885:
On agricultural investigation : being a lecture delivered October 27, 1884 at Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N.J. : under the auspices of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, the State Board of Agriculture, and the State Agricultural College
On some points in connection with animal nutrition.
On the amount and composition of the rain and drainage-waters collected at Rothamsted.
On the composition of the ash of wheat grain
On the formation of fat in the animal body.
On the sources of the nitrogen of vegetation; with special reference to the question whether plants assimilate fre or uncombined nitrogen.
Reply to Baron Liebig's Principles of agricultural chemistry.
Report of experiments on growth of red clover...
Report of experiments on the growth of wheat for the second period of twenty years in succession on the same land.
Report of experiments with different manures on permanent meadow land.
Reports of experiments made in the gardens of the Royal horticulture society at Chiswick in 1869, on the influence of various manures on different species of plants.
Results of experiments at Rothamsted, on the growth of potatoes, for twelve years in the same land. J.H. Gilbert.
Results of experiments at Rothamsted, on the growth of root-crops for many years in succession on the same land;
Rothamsted memoirs on agricultural chemistry and physiology.
Royal commission on agricultural depression and the vaulation of unexhausted manures., The