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Frend, W.
Frend, William
Frend, William ((social reformer))
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Devaynes, William (approximately 1730-1809.)
Hammond, John (1755-)
Knight, Frida
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Reynolds, Mary C.
Reynolds, Richard (1730-1814)
Rock Life Assurance Company
account of some late proceedings of the society, an
address to the inhabitants of cambridge and its neighbourhood ... to turn from the false worship of three persons to the worship of the one true god, an
address to the members of the Church of England, and to Protestant Trinitarians in general, exhorting them to turn from the false worship of three persons, to the worship of the one true God, An
animadversions on bishop pretyman's elements of christian theology
Animadversions on the Elements of Christian theology, by the Reverend George Pretyman, D.D., F.R.S., Lord Bishop of Lincoln : in a series of letters addressed to His Lordship
Appendix to Thoughts on subscription, by William Frend
Considerations on the oaths required by the University of Cambridge, at the time of taking degrees, and on other subjects which relative to the discipline of that seminary. By a member of the Senate
effect of paper money on the price of provisions, the
evening amusements, or the beauty of the heavens displayed
Extracted from the appendix of a pamphlet. Entitled Peace and union, recommended to the associated bodies of republicans and anti-republicans; by William Frend, M.A.
four discourses on baptism
gentleman's monthly miscellany, the
is it impossible to free the atmosphere of london in a very considerable degree from smoke?
letter on the slave trade, a
letter to the vice-chancellor of cambridge, by wm. frend, candidate for the lucasian professorship, a
letters on a hitherto undescribed country
Letters to William Frend from the Reynolds family of Little Paxton and John Hammond of Fenstanton 1793-1814
memoirs of a goldfinch
mr. coulthurst's blunders exposed, or a review of his several texts
national debt in its true colours, the
patriotism: an essay dedicated to the volunteers
Peace and union recommended to the associated bodies of republicans and anti-republicans
plan of universal education, a
principles of algebra
Principles of taxation. By William Frend
scarcity of bread: a plan for reducing its high price
Scarcity of bread. A plan for reducing the high price of this article, in a letter addressed by William Frend, to William Devaynes, Esq.
scriptores logarithmici
second address to the members of the church of england, a
Sir, I transmit to you the tables for ordinary assurances on lives ...
six tracts in vindication of the worship of one god
tangible arithmetic, or the art of numbering made easy by means of an arithmetical toy
Thoughts on subscription to religious tests, 1788:
thoughts on subscription to religious tests ... in a letter to the rev. h. w. coulthurst
To William Devaynes, Esquire, chairman of the meeting at the London tavern on the 14th of July, to consider of the present high price of provisions
tracts on the resolution of affected algebraick equations
tracts on the resolution of cubick and biquadratick equations
transmit to you the tables for ordinary assurances on lives ..., I
trial of William Frend, M.A. and Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. In the Vice-Chancellor's Court. For writing and publishing a pamphlet, intitled Peace and union ... By John Beverley, ... Proctor of the Vice-Chancellor's Court, The