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Maseres (Baron)
Maseres, F.
Maseres, Frances
Maseres, Francis
Masères, François
Masers, Francis
One of his electors in the borough of ---
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Cugnet, François Joseph (1720-1789)
Hales, William (1747-1831))
Hutton, Charles (1737-1823)
Maseres, Francis (1731-1824))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Musgrave, Richard (1745 or 1746-1818)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Quebec (Province)
Temple, John Sir, 1600-1677
Towers, Joseph (1737-1799)
Wallis, John (1616-1703))
White, Benjamin (1725?-1794)
Answer to an Introduction to the observations made by the judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the district of Quebec upon the oral and written testimony adduced upon the investigation, into the past administration of justice, ordered in consequence of an address of the legislative council. With remarks on the laws and government of the province of Quebec.
Ars conjectandi.
Canadian freeholder in three dialogues between an englishman and a frenchman, settled in canada. shewing the sentiments of the bulk of the freeholders of canada concerning the late quebec-act; with some remarks on the boston-charter act; and an attempt to shew the great expediency of immediately repealing both those acts of parliament, and of making some other useful regulations and concessions to his majesty's american subjects, as a ground for a reconciliation with the united colonies in america
collection of cases and records concerning privilege of Parliament, A : with a few occasional remarks upon them.
Collection of several commissions, and other public instruments, proceeding from his majesty's royal authority, and other papers, relating to the state of the province in quebec in north america, since the conquest of it by the british arms in 1760
Considerations on the bill for obliging all parishes in this kingdom to keep proper registers of births, deaths, and marriages and for raising therefrom a fund towards the support of the hospital for the maintenance and education of exposed and deserted young children : in a letter to a member of Parliament
Considerations on the expediency of admitting representatives from the American colonies into the British House of Commons
Considerations on the expediency of procuring an act of Parliament for the settlement of the province of Quebec
Copy of a petition from the British inhabitants of the province of Quebeck, to the Commons house of Parliament in Great Britain, in the year 1783.
dissertation on the use of the negative sign in algebra: containing a demonstration of the rules usually given concerning it; and shewing how quadratic and cubic equations may be explained, without the consideration of negative roots. To which is added, as an appendix, Mr. Machin's quadrature of the circle. By Francis Maseres, A
doctrine of permutations and combinations, being an essential and fundamental part of the doctrine of chances; as it is delivered by Mr. James Bernoulli, ... and by the celebrated Dr. John Wallis, ... Together with some other useful mathematical tracts. Published by Francis Maseres, The
Draught of an act of parliament for tolerating the roman catholick religion in the province of quebec, and for encouraging and introducing the protestant religion into the said province, and for vesting the lands belonging to certain religious houses in the said province in the crown of this kingdom, for the support of the civil government of the said province and for other purposes
Elements of plane trigonometry In which is introduced, a dissertation on the nature and use of logarithms. By Francis Maseres.
enquiry and Observations on the rights and duty of juries, An
Enquiry into the extent of the power of juries, on trials of indictments or informations, for publishing seditious, or other criminal writings, or libels
Enquiry into the question, whether juries are, or are not, judges of law, as well as of fact
Essay on the publick debts of this kingdom
:file:montesquieu, a view of the english constitution (translated by francis masères, 1781).pdf|a view of the english constitution
Irish rebellion: or, An history of the attempts of the Irish papists to extirpate the Protestants in the kingdom of Ireland; Together with the barbarous cruelties and bloody massacres which ensued thereupon., The
Maseres letters, 1766-1768;, The
Mémoire à la défense d'un plan d'acte de parlement pour l'établissement des loix de la province de Québec
Miscellaneous Documents. 1763-1772
Moderate reformer
Observations on Dr. Sturges's pamphlet respecting non-residence of the clergy in a letter to Mr. Baron Maseres.
Observations on tithes shewing the inconveniences of all the schemes that have been proposed for altering that antient manner of providing for the clergy of the established Church of Ireland
Occasional essays on various subjects, chiefly political and historical extracted partly from the publick newspapers during the present reign, and partly from tracts published in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles I, King Charles II, and from Bishop Burnet's history of his own times
Pamphlets on various subjects.
principles of algebra By William Frend., The
principles of the doctrine of life-annuities explained in a familiar manner, so as to be intelligible to persons not acquainted with the doctrine of chances; and accompanied with a variety of new tables ... By Francis Maseres., The
Proposal for establishing life-annuities in parishes for the benefit of the industrious poor
Proposal to correct some abuses in the present establishment of the Church of England.
Questions, &c.
Questions, sur lesquelles on souhaite de sçavoir les réponses de Monsieur Adhémar, et de Monsieur de Lisle, et d'autres habitants de la province de Québec.
Scriptores logarithmici : or, A collection of several curious tracts on the nature and construction of logarithms, mentioned in Dr. Hutton's historical introduction to his new edition of Sherwin's Mathematical tables : together with some tracts on the binomial theorem and other subjects connected with the doctrine of logarithms
Select tracts relating to the civil wars in England.
spirit of the laws, the
Tables shewing the values, in a single present payment, of an annuity of one pound, payable quarterly for the lives of persons of all ages, from 25 to 73 : for the use of London
Tracts on the resolution of affected algebräick equations by Dr. Halley's, Mr. Raphson's, and Sir Isaac Newton's, methods of approximation Published by Francis Maseres.