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Riesman, David
リースマン, D
リースマン, ディヴィッド
リースマン, デイビッド
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Denney, Reuel (1913-1995)
Glazer, Nathan
Jencks, Christopher (1939-)
Kato, Hidetoshi (1930-)
Lipset, Seymour Martin
Rausch, Renate
Riesman, Evelyn Thompson
Rosenblatt, Noemi
Schelsky, Helmut (1912-1984))
Strzelecki, Jan (1919-1988))
Zinoviev [?], Alexandr
加藤, 秀俊 (1930-)
Abondance, à quoi bon ["Abundance for what ?"] Traduit de l'américain par Gérard Montfort. Préface de Bernard Cazes, David Riesman. L'
Abundance for what? and other essays
Academic mind, social scientists in a time of crisis, by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Wagner Thielens, Jr. With a field report by David Riesman, The
Academic revolution
Academic transformation seventeen institutions under pressure
Academic values and mass education; the early years of Oakland and Monteith
American Constitution and international labour legislation, 1941., The
Automobile workers and the American dream
Choosing a college president : opportunities and constraints
Commentary on the American scene : portraits of Jewish life in America
Constraint and variety in American education, David Riesman...
Constraint and variety in American education : The Academic Procession, The Intellectual Veto Groups, Secondary Education and "Counter-Cyclical" Policy
Constraint and variety in American education. With a new pref. by the author.
Conversations in Japan, c1967:
Conversations in Japan, modernization, politics and culture. David Riesman, Evelyn Thompson Riesman
Crestwood Heights, a study of the culture of suburban life. John R. Seeley, R. Alexander Sim, Elizabeth W. Loosley. [Introduction by David Riesman.]
Culture and social character : the work of David Riesman reviewed
Daigaku kakumei.
Daigaku kyoikuron : Kyoiku shakaigaku eno kokoromi
Daigaku no jikken.
Education and politics at Harvard : two essays prepared for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
eenzame massa, De : over cultuur en karakter in de moderne samenleving
einsame Masse, Die : Eine Untersuchung der Wandlungen des amerikanischen Charakters
Faces in the crowd [individual studies in character and politics]
foule solitaire, La
foule solitairs, La : Anatomie de la société moderna
Freud und die Psychoanalyse
Gendai bunmei to ningensei.
Gendai bunmeiron.
Gunshu no kao : Kojin ni okeru seikaku to seiji no kenkyu.
Impressions of Takagi Yasaka
Individualism reconsidered and other essays
Kodoku na gunshu.
Kodokuna gunshu
Kodokunaru gunshu.
Kojin shugi no saikento.
lonely crowd, 1955:, The
Lonely crowd, a study of the changing American character, by David Riesman. In collaboration with Reuel Denney and Nathan Glazer, The
lonely crowd, The : a study of the changing American character
manipulierte Adoleszenz, Die
muchedumbre solitaria, La
Nan no tameno yutakasa
Nihon nikki.
On higher education the academic enterprise in an era of rising student consumerism
On the making of Americans : essays in honor of David Riesman
oral tradition, the written word, and the screen image; address delivered in connection with the dedication of the Olive Kettering Library, Antioch College Founders Day, October 5, 1955., The
oral tradition, the written word and the screen image, The : adress delivery in connection with the dedication of the Olive Ketting Library, Antioch College Founders Day, October 5, 1955
Osamělý dav : studie o změnách amerického charakteru : zkrácené a revidované vydání
Passing of traditional society, modernizing the Middle East, by Daniel Lerner, with the collaboration of Lucille W. Pevsner and an introduction by David Riesman, The
passing of traditional society, The : modernizing the Middle East
perpetual dream, The : reform and experiment in the American college
Postemotional society
Propaganda and the deceit of history
Samotny tłum
Selected essays from Individualism reconsidered
Serbia's secret war, c1996:
Serbia's secret war : propaganda and the deceit of history ; foreword by David Riesman. College Station, 1996.
shape of Catholic higher education, The
sociedad y la formación del carácter, La
sociological eye selected papers, The
sociological eye, The : selected papers
Some continuities and discontinuities in the education of women
Thorstein Veblen a critical interpretation
To be a politician
Toward international understanding
University and the new world, The
Untersuchung der Wandlungen des amerikanischen Charakters
Usamljena gomila : studija o promeni američkog karaktera
Uvod u sociologiju
vanishing adolescent, The
大学の実験 : 学問とマス教育
大学教育論 : 教育社会学への試み
大学革命 : 変革の未来像
群衆の顔 : 個人における性格と政治の研究