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King, Mackenzie
King, W. L. Mackenzie
King, William L.
King, William L. Mackenzie
King, William Lyon Mackenzie
Mackenzie King
Mackenzie King, William Lyon
Mackenzie, William Lyon King
キング, ダブリュー エル マッケンジー
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Bercuson, David Jay (1945- ))
Canada Premier ministre (1921-1926 : King) (see also from)
Canada Premier ministre (1926-1930 : King) (see also from)
Canada Premier ministre (1935-1948 : King) (see also from)
Canada Prime Minister (1921-1926 : King) (see also from)
Canada Prime Minister (1926-1930 : King) (see also from)
Canada Prime Minister (1935-1948 : King) (see also from)
Canada, House of Commons
Canada, Information publique
Canada. Office of Director of Public Information
Churchill, Winston (1874-1965)
Hanotaux, Gabriel (1853-1944)
Heringa, Gerard Carel (1890-1972)
King, William Lyon Mackenzie (1874-1950)
Wilkinson, George Henry Sir, 1885-
Winchester, John (1849-)
宮沢, 末雄
Address by the Right Honorable W.L. Mackenzie King
Addresses delivered at the conferring of the degree of doctor of law honoris causa upon William L. Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, on the 14th of November 1947.
Canada and the fight for freedom, by... W. L. Mackenzie King,...
Canada and the war. Canada's contribution to freedom.
Canada and the war. Canada's fighting men; an address on the opening of the fourth victory loan campaign
Canada and the war. Servitude or freedom. The present position of the war.
Canada and the war. The Defence of common liberties, an address to the pilgrims of the United States by... W. L. Mackenzie King,... New York, december 2, 1942
Canada and the war. The lord mayor's luncheon in honour of the prime minister of Canada.
Canada et la guerre. Règlementation du coût de la vie. La stabilisation des prix et des salaires. Discours prononcé à la radio par... Mackenzie King,... Premier ministre du Canada... le 18 octobre 1941. Publié par le Directeur de l'Information publique..., Le
Canada et la guerre, W.-L. Mackenzie King,... Le
Canadian Red Cross show.
Crown and Commonwealth : an address on the Coronation, the Imperial conference, and visit to the continent of Europe
Discours du Très Hon. Mackenzie King sur le service sélectif national. Déclaration faite par le Premier ministre à la Chambre des Communes le 24 mars 1942
Industry and humanity; a study in the principles under-lying industrial reconstruction
Industry and humanity; a study in the principles underlying industrial reconstruction.
international situation. Canada's attitude towards present day world problems., The
[Interview with FDR's physician, Dr. James Paulin]
Let free men face reality!
Mackenzie King record, The
Mackenzie King : widening the debate
message of the carillon, and other addresses, The
Nerves and personal power : some principles of psychology as applied to conduct and health
Proceedings of the Special Committee on Bill No. 21 "An Act Respecting Hours of Labour on Public Works" comprising reports, evidence and correspondence. December 9, 1909-May 3, 1910. Printed by order of Parliament.
[Proclamation and declaration of the accession of King George VI]
question sociale et le Canada industrie et humanité, La
Report by W.L. Mackenzie King, C.M.G., deputy minister of labour, on the need for the suppression of the opium traffic in Canada. Printed by order of Parliament.
Report of Royal Commission to Inquire into Industrial Disputes in the Cotton Factories of the Province of Quebec. Commissioner: W.L. Mackenzie King ... Printed by order of Parliament.
Report of the Royal commission on a dispute respecting hours of employment between the Bell telephone company of Canada, ltd. and operators at Toronto, Ont.
Report to the Hon. the postmaster general of the methods adopted in Canada in the carrying out of government clothing contracts
Ritratto di Mackenzie King ; traduzione e nota di Giorgia de Cousandier ; in appendice Le dichiarazioni di Mackenzie King sull'energia atomica
Sangyō no jindōka
secret of heroism, 1906., The
secret of heroism; a memoir of Henry Albert Harper., The
"Till the hour of victory,"
[William Long Mackenzie King's welcome address]