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Foote, Arthur
Foote, Arthur W.
Foote, Arthur William
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Debost, Michel (1934-....))
Erich, C. (1853-1937; see also from)
Erich, Carl (1853-1937; see also from)
Graham of Gartmore (1735-1797))
Krueger, Karl (1894-1979)
Lang, Andrew (1844-1912)
Meyer, F. (1853-1937; see also from)
Meyer, Ferdinand (1853-1937; see also from)
Moore, Douglas B.
Paine, John Knowles (1839-1906)
Roth, François-Xavier (1971-....))
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Saint-Saëns, Camille (1835-1921))
Silverstein, Joseph (1932-....))
Spalding, Walter Raymond (1865-1962)
At dusk
Aubade, cello, piano, op. 77
Bagatelles, piano, op. 34. Pierrette
Bagatelles, piano, op. 34. Pierrot
Ballade, violin, piano, op. 69
Cello, piano music
Chamber music. Selections
Character pieces after the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
Charakter Stücke
Compositions, organ, op. 29
Compositions, organ, op. 71. Sortie
Concerto, cello, orchestra, op. 33, G minor
Duets, piano, 4 hands, op. 21
Duets, soprano, tenor, piano, op. 64. Two roses
Francesca da Rimini
From Rest Harrow.
From the ferry
Gateway of Ispahan
Klavier-Studien für den musikalischen Vortrag und zur technischen Entwickelung. Spiccato caprice
Kompositionen, Org op. 29
Melody, violin, piano, op. 44
Modern harmony in its theory and practice
Modulation and related harmonic questions
night piece. Fl Orch
Nocturne and scherzo, flute, violins (2), viola, cello. Scherzo
Nocturne und Scherzo, Fl Vl 1 2 Va Vc (1918)
Organ music
Panorama pour flûte et orchestre
Pieces, oboe, piano, op. 31
Pieces, organ, op. 50. Meditation
Pieces, violin, piano, op. 74
Poems after Omar Khayyam. Iram indeed is gone
Poems after Omar Khayyam. Oriental sketch
Preludes, piano, op. 52
Quartets, piano, violin, viola, cello, op. 23, C major
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1, op. 4, G minor
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2, op. 32, E major
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 3, op. 70, D major
Quintet, piano, violins (2), viola, cello, op. 38, A minor
Romances, cello, piano, op. 33
Sarabande and rigaudon, piano, oboe, viola
Sarabande und Rigaudon, Ob Va Kl (1921)
Scherzos, cello, piano, op. 22
Serenades, piano, op. 45, F major
Serenades, string orchestra, op. 25, E major
Silhouettes. Flying cloud
Silhouettes. Oriental dance
Sonatas, cello, piano, op. 78
Sonatas, violin, piano, op. 20, G minor
Sonaten, Vc Kl op. 78
Song from the Persian
Songs, 1914-1918
Songs, op. 13. I'm wearing awa'
Songs, op. 26. Love me, if I live!
Songs, op. 43. Nightingale has a lyre of gold
Songs, op. 43. Roses are dead
Songs, op. 43. Roumanian song
Songs, op. 51
Songs, op. 67
Songs, op. 68. Jumblies
Songs, op. 68. Wind and the day
Songs, op. 72. Wanderer to his heart's desire
Songs. Selections
Stücke, cello, piano, op. 1
Stücke, Ob Kl op. 31
Stücke, piano, 1 hand, op. 37
Stücke, Vc Kl op. 1
Stücke, Vl Kl op. 9
Suiten, Kl op. 30
Suiten op. 36
Suiten Orch op. 63 2. Satz
Suites, orchestra, op. 36, D minor
Suites, organ, op. 54, D major
Suites, piano, no. 1, op. 15, D minor
Suites, piano, no. 2, op. 30, C minor
Suites, string orchestra, op. 63, E major. Praeludium
Trios, piano, violin, cello, no. 1, op. 5, C minor
Trios, piano, violin, cello, no. 2, op. 65, B♭ major
Trios Vl Vc Kl op. 5
Trios, Vl Vc Kl op. 65
Vita nostra plena bellis
When winds are raging o'er the upper ocean
Wreck of the Hesperus