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Wood, E. D.
Wood, Ed
Wood, Edward D.
Wood, Edward D. (Jr)
Wood, Edward Davis
Wood, Edward Davis Jr
Wood, Edward Davis junior
Creation class: 
Language material
Projected medium
Creation role: 
author of screenplay
Related identities: 
Carpenter, Johnny (other identity, same person)
Davis, William (other identity, same person)
Everett, Kathleen (other identity, same person)
Gora, Ann (other identity, same person)
Moreau, Emil (other identity, same person)
Quinn, John (other identity, same person)
Telmig, Akdov (other identity, same person)
Trent, Dick (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Carpenter, Johnny (1924-1978; see also from)
Conway, V. R. (1924-1978; see also from)
Davis, William (1924-1978; see also from)
Everett, Kathleen (1924-1978; see also from)
Films sans frontière
Fuller, Dolores
Gora, Ann (1924-1978; see also from)
Iliopolus, Aris
Johnson, Tor
Lugosi, Bela
Moore, Duke (1913-1976)
Moreau, Emil (1924-1978; see also from)
Panda films
Pendleton, Kim
Quinn, John (1924-1978; see also from)
Talbot, Lyle
Telmig, Akdov (1924-1978; see also from)
Trent, Dick (1924-1978; see also from)
Zane, Billy (1966-)
Bride monster
Death of a transvestite
fiancée de la jungle, La
fiancée du monstre, La
Glen or Glenda
Glen ou Glenda
Hollywood rat race, The
Jailbait (1 h 12 min)
Killer in drag
led 2 lives (1 h 07 min), I
Let me die in drag
Me levanté temprano el día de mi muerte
Night of the ghouls
nightmare of ecstasy
nuit des revenants, La
plan 9 from outer space images animees
Plan neuf
Plan nine from out space
Plan nine from outer space
sinister urge (1 h 15 min), The
swedish maid, the
violent years (58 min), The
woke up early the day I died, I
worst! a musical, The