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Alexander Gardner
Gardner, A.
Gardner, Alex
Gardner, Alexander
Gardner, Alexander (American photographer and printer, 1821-1882, born in Scotland)
Gardner, Alexander ((photographer))
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Barnard & Gibson
Brady, Mathew B. approximately (1823-1896)
Gardner, Alexander (1821-1882)
Gardner, James (1832-)
Gibson, James F. (1828-)
Johnson, Brooks
Katz, D. Mark
Knox, David
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. (1840-1882)
Reekie, John
Wood & Gibson
[Abraham Lincoln, full-length portrait, seated]
[Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]
[Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, traditionally called "last photograph of Lincoln from life"]
Abraham Lincoln, Pres't U.S.
[Abraham Lincoln, seated and holding a book, with his son Tad (Thomas) leaning on a table]
Across the continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division
Battery no. 1, near Yorktown, Virginia
burial party on the battle-field of Cold Harbor, A
"Castle Thunder," Richmond, Va.
Culpeper, Virginia
enduring interest, An : the photographs of Alexander Gardner
Gardner's photographic sketch book of the Civil War
Home of a Rebel sharpshooter
memorial war book, The : as drawn from historical records and personal narratives of the men who served in the great struggle
[On the Kansas Plains, 185 miles West of the Missouri River]
Original photographs taken on the battlefields during the Civil War of the United States
Panoramic view of Richmond in ruins
Payne, alias Wood, alias Hall. Arrested as an associate of Booth in the conspiracy
Photographic sketch book of the Civil War
Photographic sketchbook of the American Civil War
Photographs relating to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Pontoon boat, Brandy Station, Virginia
Pontoon bridge across the James
Poplar Grove Church
[Presidenet Abraham Lincoln, seated next to a table]
[President Abraham Lincoln, full-length portrait, seated and facing front]
[President Abraham Lincoln, full-length portrait, seated in a "Brady" chair, November 8, 1863]
[President Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]
[President Abraham Lincoln posed with Union officers and soldiers during his visit to Antietam, Maryland, October 3, 1862]
[President Abraham Lincoln, seated, with his left hand on his face]
[President Abraham Lincoln seated with his secretaries John Hay and John Nicolay]
President and General McClellan on the Battle-field of Antietam, The
President Lincoln and his son Thaddeus. The last photograph the president sat for
President Lincoln of battle-field of Antietam, October 3, 1862
President Lincoln on battle-field of Antietam, October, 1862
Proclamation on labor by the President of the United States of America
Provost marshal's office, Aquia Creek
pulpit, Fort Fisher, N.C., The
Quaker guns, Centreville, Virginia
Quarles Mill, North Anna River, Va.
Quarles' Mill, North Anna, Virginia
Rays of sunlight from South America
[Red Cloud, full-length portrait, seated, shaking hands with William Blackmore, standing to his left]
Residence, chief quartermaster, Third Army Corps, Brandy Station
Ruins at Manassas Junction
Ruins of arsenal, Richmond, Virginia
Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Virginia
Ruins of Norfolk Navy Yard, Virginia
[Ruins of paper mill, near Richmond & Petersburg RR Depot, Richmond, Va. 1865]
Ruins of Petersburg and Richmond railroad bridge, across the James
Ruins of Stone Bridge, Bull Run
Saint Joseph's Academy, Emmetsburg (i.e. Emmitsburg), MD, July, 1863
Scene in Pleasant Valley, Maryland
Scouts and guides to the Army of the Potomac
Shebang, or quarters of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Brandy Station, The
[Sheridan and his generals]
Signal tower on Elk Mountain, Maryland, overlooking battlefield of Antietam
slaughter pen at Gettysburg, The
Slaughter pen, foot of Round Top, Gettysburg
Slave pen, Alexandria, Virginia
Small lot of original contemporary photographic prints of the Civil War
State Department at Washington, The
State University, Lawrence, Kansas, 323 miles west of St. Louis, Mo.
[Stereographs from Across the continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division]
Stone church, Centreville, Va.
Stone house on Warrenton Pike
Studying the art of war
"Sunken Road" at Antietam, The
Supreme Court of the United States, The
Taken on battlefield of Antietam Oct. 18 [...] 1.Geo. H. Bangs, 2. Wm. B. Moore, Private Secy of [...] 3. Allan Pinkerton, 4. John C. Babcock, 5. A. K. Littlefield
Tchan-Gm-Ani-To-I-Sh-Na-Lah (Lone Wolf)
U.S. Military telegraph construction corps
U.S. Signal Service. Field telegraph train
Va-How-A-Pah (Ear of Corn)--Squaw of Lone Wolf
View at Aquia Creek Landing. View of transports at dock. Supply boat FAIRY shown
View in the ditch, on the right wing, after the Battle of Antietam
View in the field, on the west side of the Hagerstown Road, after the Battle of Antietam
View near depot, Topeka, Kansas
View of breastworks on Round Top - the hill which formed our extreme left at the battle of Gettysburg
View of the interior of Fort Steadman
View of the Petersburg Gas Works
View on battle field of Antietam where Sumner's Corps charged the enemy. Scene of terrific conflict
View on battlefield of Antietam
View on Canal Bridge at Foot of 7th St., Richmond, Va.
View on canal, near Crenshaw's Mill, Richmond, Virginia
Vua-Sha-Peh (Stabber)
Walt Whitman, 1819-1892
War, effect of a shell on a Confederate soldier at battle of Gettys.
War effect of a shell on a Confederate soldier at battle of Gettysburg
What do I want, John Henry? Warrenton, Va., November 1862
Where Sumner's Corps charged at Antietam
Witness to an era : the life and photographs of Alexander Gardner : the Civil War, Lincoln, and the West
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