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Resident M. A
Weatherley, Frederick Edward
Weatherly, E. Frederic
Weatherly, F. C.
Weatherly, F. E.
Weatherly, Fred. E.
Weatherly, Frederic
Weatherly, Frederic E.
Weatherly, Frederic Edward
Weatherly, Frederick Edward
Weathersley, F. E.
Weathersley, Frederic Edward
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Adams, Stephen (19..-.... illustrateur)
Denis, L. (18..-19.. illustrateur)
Denza, Luigi (1846-1922)
E.P. Dutton (Firm)
Gounod, Charles (1818-1893)
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919)
Macdonough, Harry (1871-1931)
Nister, Ernest
Ruelle, Jules
Squire, W. H. (1871-1963))
Wood, Haydn (1882-1959)
Al and Alice
Amytiville 1993
Bass lake run
Beauty's eyes. Song. Words by F. E. Weatherly. Music by F. Paolo Tosti. (Chant et piano)
Bid me goodbye
Champagne, 1873?
Chase of death
children's tableaux, The : a novel colour book with pictures arranged as tableaux
Come and go : a book of changing pictures
Conseils d'une grand' mère !--(Old Fashions). Célèbre mélodie anglaise, paroles de Frédéric-E. Weatherly, adaptation française par Eugène Adenis, musique de Milton Wellings
Danny Boy
Dansons la rose [chanson]
Drum major, The
Edison sheet music collection
En Arcadie, cantate pour voix de femmes. Paroles de Fred. E. Weatherly, traduites de l'anglais par Amédée Boutarel. Musique de L. Denza...
Fishermaidens, The : a cantata for female voices
Frank Ross at Oxford, 1879
Goosey Gander
Hang on tight
heilige stad, De
Hell's Angels : film
Here and there : a book of transformation pictures.
Hist. of Eng. drama, 1959
Holy City; chorus, The
Holy City, The : no. 3 in C
Holy city, words by T. E. Weatherly, The
Holy vision ! Sacred song, The ; the words, written by Frederic E. Weatherly, the music, composed by Charles Gounod
If I might come to you
illustrated children's birthday book, 189-, The
Im Dämmerstünchen
In Arcady, c1881:
Lady of Longford. Lyric drama in one act. By sir Augustus Harris and F. E. Weatherly. Italian version by G. Mazzucato. [Partition chant et piano], The
law of musical and dramatic copyright, The
mirette (opera)|mirette
My lass. Song for baritone. Words by Frederick E. Weatherly
Navarraise, 1895, La
Navarraise. Libretto. English & French. [from old catalog]
Old Fashions
On the Zuyder zee : song
Our darlings' surprise pictures.
Out of town
Ouvrier ! scène lyrique, paroles de Charles Ligny, d'après Fréd Weatherly, musique de Ch Gounod, L'
Oxford days; or, How Ross got his degree.
Pagliacci, Arioso (Canio) : "On with the motley"="Vesti la giubba" : n° 1 in D minor : [from] .
Pagliacci. Libretto. English & Italian. [from old catalog]
Pagliacci (Punchinello), opera in two acts as represented at Metropolitan opera house;
Pantomime pictures : a novel colour book for children
Parted : song (with violin ad libitum)
Pastime pictures : a book of transformation scenes
Peeps into fairyland : a panorama picture book of fairy stories
Piano and gown
picture show, The : a novel picture book for children.
Pleasant pastime pictures
Roses de Picardie. Musique de Haydn Wood. [Arr. pour orchestre avec piano conducteur. Paroles françaises de Pierre d'Amor. Paroles anglaises de Fred E. Weatherly]
Roses de Picardie [- Roses of Picardy.]. Paroles françaises de Pierre d'Amor. Paroles anglaises de Fred E. Weatherly. Musique de Haydn Wood. [Arrangement pour choeur à 4 voix mixtes et piano]
Roses of Picardy, célèbre mélodie anglaise. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly. Adaptation française de Pierre d' Amor. Musique de Haydn Wood
Roses of Picardy. Song [avec acc. de piano en ré]. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly
Roses of Picardy. Song [avec acc. de piano en si ♭]. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly
Roses of Picardy. Song [avec acc. de piano en ut]. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly
Roses. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly. Music by Stephen Adams. [Chant et piano]
Say girl
Song etchings : Six songs, op. 7.
Songs for Michael
Songs for remembrance, 1930
star of Bethlehem, The
Tambour major en tête marche chant seul, Le
Tell her I love her so
TheHoly city.
Till you're through the stream of consciousness
Toujours ! Mélodie [avec acc.] de violon ad libitum. Paroles de Fréd. E. Weatherly. Traduction française de J. Ruelle
Toutes les roses de Picardie- Roses of Picardy. Paroles françaises de Yves Stéphane, paroles anglaises de Fred E. Weatherly. Musique de Haydn Wood. [Chanson à 1 voix et piano avec chiffrage pour accompagnement]
Two's company, three's none
What's his is his
When you come home. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly. Music by W. H. Squire. [Chant et piano]
who's who (uk)|who's who
Worker ! Song, written by Frederick Weatherly, the music, composed by Ch. Gounod, The