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Chatterton, E. K.
Chatterton, E. Keble
Chatterton, Edward Keble
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Cogniet, André
Cogniet, Commandant
Edwards, Kenneth (1902-1947)
Edwards, Kenneth Philip Mackenzie (1902-1947)
Guieu, André
Holme, C. Geoffrey (1887-1954)
Holme, Charles Geoffrey (1887-1954)
Holme, Geoffry (1887-1954)
Keble Chatterton, E.
Macpherson, Arthur George Holdsworth (1875-1942)
Malgorn (1956))
Muhlhauser, George H. P.
Across the seven seas
Adventurers of the air
Amazing adventure; a thrilling naval biography
Auxiliary patrol..., The
Aventure du "Koenigsberg". Août 1914-juillet 1915, L'
Bateaux-pièges (Q-Ships) contre les sous-marins allemands, Les
Battles by sea
Beating the U-boats
big blockade, The
Britain's record, what she has done for the world
brotherhood of the sea, The
Captain John Smith
Chats on naval prints
Commerce raiders...
coureurs de mers, Le Dresden, Le Karlsruhe, Le Wolf, Le Kronprinz Wilhelm, Le Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Le Moewe, Les
Coureurs de mers. Le Dresden. Le Karlsruhe. Le Wolff. Le Kronprinz Wilhelm. Le Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Le Moewe, Les
Cruise of the Amaryllis, The
Danger zone; the story of the Queenstown command
Dardanelles dilemma; the story of the naval operations
Dardanelles dilemna. The story of the naval operations...
English seamen and the colonization of America.
epic of Dunkirk, The
Fighting the U-boats
Fore and aft, the story of the for & aft rig from the earliest times to the present day
Gallant gentlemen
In great waters
King's cutters and smugglers, 1700-1855
"Konigsberg" adventure..., The
Leaders of the Royal navy.
marvels of the ship; the story of the development of the ship from the earliest times, The
mercantile marine, The
old East Indiamen, The
Old ship prints
On the high seas
Q-ships and their story
romance of the sea rovers, an account of the stirring adventures of sea rovers from the times of the Phoenicians, Egyptians & vikings, through the Elizabethan & all other eras of maritime roving down to the present day, The
Royal love letters, a batch of human documents collected and ed.
Royal Navy and Allies
Royal Navy from April 1942 to June 1943, The
Royal Navy, The : from April 1942 to June 1943 : a complete record in text and pictures
Sailing models, ancient & modern
Sailing ships, 1909.
Sailing ships and their story
Sailing ships; the story of their development from the earliest times to the present day
Sailing the seas, a survey of seafaring through the ages
sea-raiders, The
Seamen all
Seas of adventures; the story of the naval operations in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and AEgean
Seed of liberty; the story of the American colonies
"Severn's" saga
ship under sail. The splendour of the sailing ship through the ages., The
Ships and ways of other days
Steamship models
Steamships and their story
story of the British Navy from the earliest times to the present day, The
Through Brittany in "Charmina": from Torbay to the bay of Biscay in a 6-tonner
Through Holland in the Vivette : the cruise of a 4-tonner from the Solent to the Zuyder Zee, through the Dutch waterways
Through sea and sky
To the Mediterranean in "Charmina"
tragica fine del Konigsberg, La ; versione integrale dall'Inglese di Alberto Tedeschi
Ventures and voyages, 1935:
Whalers and whaling; the story of the whaling ships up to the present day
Windjammers and shellbacks; strange true stories of the sea