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B, T.
B, (Thomas Beddoes
Beddoes, Thomas
Beddoes, Thomas (Dr)
T. B
T. B, Thomas Beddoes
Thomas Beddoes
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Beddoes, Thomas Lovell (1803-1849; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Bergman, Torbern (1735-1784)
Bergman, Torbern Olof
Brown, John (1735-1788)
Bulgin, fl (1793-1818)
Friese, Friedrich Gotthelf (1763-1827)
Girtanner, Christoph (1760-1800)
Johnson, J. (fl. 1771-1793)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scheele, Carl Wilhelm (1742-1786)
Watt, James (1736-1819)
Woodhouse, ---------
Alexander's expedition down the Hydaspes & the Indus to the Indian Ocean
Alternatives compared, or, What shall the rich do to be safe?
authentic history of Isaac Jenkins, his wife, and their three children, The : with an agreeable and happy sequel shewing the good effects of their worthy friend Mr. Langford's admonitions
Case of phlegmonic inflammation, with reflections on certain effects of heat and cold on the living system. By Thomas Beddoes, M.D. (From medical facts and observations, vol. IV.)
Chemical essays of Charle-William Scheele, translated from the "Transactions of the academy of sciences at Stockholm", with additions, The
chemical essays of Charles-William Scheele, 1786., The
collection of testimonies respecting the treatment of the venereal disease by nitrous acid, published by Thomas Beddoes, M.D, A
Communications respecting the external and internal use of nitrous acid; demonstrating its efficacy in every form of venereal disease, and extending its use to other complaints: with original facts, and a preliminary discourse, by the editor, Thomas Beddoes, M.D
Considerations on the medical use and on the production of factitious airs
Considerations on the medicinal use, and on the production of factitious airs.
Considerations on the medicinal use and the production of factitious airs, Part I, by Thomas Beddoes,... Part II (and V), by James Watt,... Edition the second to which are added communications from Drs Carmichael, Darwin, Ewart,... and others
Considerations on the medicinal use of factitious airs, and on the manner of obtaining them in large quantities. In Two Parts. Part I. by Thomas Beddoes... Part Ii. by James Watt...
Contributions to physical and medical knowledge, principally from the West of England
Contributions to physical and medical knowlegde, principally from the West of England
Disquisitio de attractionibus electivis.
Dissertation on elective attractions [Disquisitio de attractionibus electivis], A
elements of medicine of John Brown, M. D., The
Elements of medicine of John Brown,... translated from the Latin with comments and illustrations by the author, a new edition revised... with a biographical preface by Thomas Beddoes,... and a head of the author, The
elements of medicine; or, A translation of the Elementa medicinæ Brunonis., The
Essay on pulmonary consumptions, including the histories of several remarkable instances of recovery, from the most alarming stages of the disorder, by an improved method of treatment
Essay on the Causes, Early Signs, and Prevention of Pulmonary Consumption. -
Essay on the public merits of Mr. Pitt
Essays moral and medical
geschiedenis van Isaac Jenkins en Sara zijne vrouw en derzelver drie kinderen., De : Een volksboek.
history of Isaac Jenkins, and Sarah, his wife, and their three children., The
Hygeïa, or Essays moral and medical on the causes affecting the personal state of our middling and affluent classes, by Thomas Beddoes,...
Iohn Brown's Biographie nebst einer Prüfung seine Systems ...
John Brown's biographie : nebst einer Prüfung seines Systems
lecture introductory to a course of popular instruction on the constitution and management of the human body. By Thomas Beddoes, M.D., A
letter to Erasmus Darwin, M.D. on a new method of treating pulmonary consumption, and some other diseases hitherto found incurable. By Thomas Beddoes, M.D, A
letter to the Right Hon. William Pitt on the means of relieving the present scarcity and preventing the diseases that arise from meagre food, A
Letter to the right honourable sir Joseph Banks,... on the causes and removal of the prevailing discontents, imperfections and abuses in medicine, from Thomas Beddoes,..., A
Letters from Dr. Withering, of Birmingham, Dr. Ewart, of Bath, Dr. Thornton, of London, and Dr. Biggs, late of the Isle of Santa-Cruz, together with some other papers, supplementary to two publications on asthma, consumption, fever, and other diseases
Letters from Dr. Witthering of Birmingham, Dr. Ewart of Bath, Dr. Thornton of London ... - [ca. 1795]
Mathematical evidence
Medical cases and speculations including parts IV. and V. of considerations on the medicinal powers, and the production of factitious airs
neuesten Erfahrungen brittischer Aertze über die Würkungen der Sapeltersäure in der Lustseuche., Die
new method of operating for the femoral hernia, 1795:, A
Notice of some observations made at the Medical Pneumatic Institution, by Thomas Beddoes, M.D
Nuevo método de operar en la hernia crural.
Observations on the medical and domestic management of the consumptive, on the powers of "digitalis purpurea", and on the cure of schrophula, by Thomas Beddoes,...
Observations on the medical and domestic management of the consumptive, on the powers of digitalis purpurea, and on the cure of scrophula
Observations on the nature and cure of calculus, sea scurvy, consumption, catarrh, and fever together with conjectures upon several other subjects of physiology and pathology
Observations on the nature of demonstrative evidence, with an explanation of certain difficulties occurring in the elements of geometry, and reflections on language.
Opuscula chemica et physica.
Opuscula physica et chemica.
Physical and chemical essays;
Practical observations on the cure of hectic and slow fevers and the pulmonary consumption -to which is added a method of treating several cases of internal hemorrhagies
Reports principally concerning the effects of the nitrous acid in the venereal disease, by the surgeons of the Royal Hospital at Plymouth and by other practitioners
Researches anatomical and practical concerning fever and connected with inflammation, by Thomas Beddoes,...
Tell me.
Thomas Beddoes, M.D., 1760-1808, c1984:
Ueber die neuesten Methoden die Schwindsucht zu heilen : besonders über den rothen Fingerhut, den salzsauren Kalk, und über die Kuhstall-Kuren
Ueber die Ursachen, frühen Zeichen und Verhütung der Lungensucht
What shall the rich do to be safe?
Where would be the harm of a speedy peace?
word in defence of the bill of rights, against gagging bills By Thomas Beddoes, M.D., A