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Elector for Charleston district
Elector of Charleston district
Ramsay, David
Ramsay, David ((historian))
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Cohen, Lester H. (1944-...)
ebrary, Inc
Hayne, Robert Young (1791-1839)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Laurens, Henry (1724-1792)
Morgan, Edmund S. (1916-?))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Ramsay, Martha Laurens (1759-1811)
Smith, Samuel Stanhope (1750-1819)
Stockdale, John Joseph (1770-1847)
Young, William Price (1760-1820))
Address to the freemen of south carolina on the subject of the federal constitution : proposed by the convention, which met in philadelphia, may, 1787
calm reply to all that is material, in an angry publication signed 'Another elector for Charleston district.", 1788:, A
Charleston medical register for the year 1802
Chronological table of the principal events which have taken place in the english colonies, now united states, from 1607, till 1810 explanatory of and supplementary to dr. ramsay's map historical and biographical chart of the united states, and noticing the progress of improvement in the same
dissertation on the manner of acquiring the character and privileges of a citizen of the United States., A
Dissertation on the means of preserving health in charleston and the adjacent low country : read before the medical society of south-carolina, on the 29th of may 1790
Documentary history of the first Federal elections, 1788-1790, 1976- :
early american literature
enquiry into the constitutional authority of the Supreme Federal Court, over the several states, in their political capacity Being an answer to Observations upon the government of the United States of America: by James Sullivan, Esq. attorney general of the state of Massachusetts. By a citizen of South Carolina[.], An
Eulogium upon benjamin rush, m.d professor of the institutes and practice of medicine and of clinical practice in the university of pennsylvania. who departed this life april 19, 1813, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. written at the request of the medical society of south carolina, and delivered before them and others, in the circular church of charleston, on the 10th of june, 1813, and pub. at their request
Geschichte der Amerikanischen Revolution aus den acten des Congresses der Vereinigten Staaten
Geschiedenis van de Noord Amerikaansche staats-omwenteling
Histoire de la révolution d'Amérique, par rapport à la Caroline méridionale,...
History of South Carolina from its first settlement in 1670 to the year 1808
History of the american revolution
History of the independent or congregational church in charleston, south carolina, from its origin till the year 1814 : with an appendix containing the speech of the rev. william tennent, a.m., in the commons house of assembly, charleston, s.c., january 11,1777, on the petition of the dissenters from the church then established in that state
History of the revolution of south-carolina, from a british province to an independent state
:journal of the early republic
Life of george washington commander in chief of the armies of the united states of america throughout the war which established their independence; and first president of the united states
Memoirs of Martha Laurens Ramsay, who died in Charleston, S. C., on the 10th of June, 1811, in the 52d year of her age.
Memoirs of the life of Martha Laurens Ramsay. With an appendix, containing extracts from her diary, letters, and other private papers; and also, from letters written to her by her father, Henry Laurens, 1771-1776.
Oration delivered before the Cincinnati and the '76 association, on the 4th of July, 1854
Oration on the cession of louisiana to the united states delivered on the 12th may, 1804, in st. michael's church, charleston, south-carolina
Ramsay's History of South Carolina from its first settlement in 1670 to the year 1808
Ramsay's oration, on the death of General Washington
Review of the improvements, progress and state of medicine in the xviiith century read on the first day of the xixth century, before the medical society of south carolina, in pursuance of their vote and published at their request
Selections from his writings. Edited... by Robert L. Brunhouse,..., David Ramsay, 1749-1815.
short reply to a long piece signed William Smith, 1788:, A
Sketch of the soil, climate, weather, and diseases of south-carolina read before the medical society of that state
South-Carolina and parts adjacent, shewing the movements of the American and British armies.
To be an American: David Ramsay and the making of the American consciousness, c1991:
Universal history Americanised, or, An historical view of the world from the earliest records to the year 1808
Vida de Jorge Washington, General en Gefe de los Exércitos, y Presidente de la República de los Estados Unidos de América Septentrional.
Vie de Georges Washington, général en chef des armées des États-Unis p*. -
Vie de Georges Washington,... par David Ramsay... Traduit de l'Anglais