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Butler, B. F.
Butler, Ben
Butler, Benj. F.
Butler, Benjamin F.
Butler, Benjamin Franklin
Butler, Benjamin Franklin (Mr)
Butler, Benjamin Franklin ((politician))
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Ames, Adelbert (1835-1933)
Black, Jeremiah S. (1810-1883)
Black, Jeremiah Sullivan (1810-1883)
Eaton, Herbert N.
Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Massachusetts. Governor (1861-1866 : Andrew)
Merrick, Richard T. (1826-1885)
Merrick, Richard Thomas (1826-1885)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
United States. Army of the James
United States. Supreme Court
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Address of Benjamin F. Butler ... 1879.
Address of Benjamin F. Butler, to the judges of the Circuit court of the United States
Address. The present relation of parties. Duty of the Republican party to adjust the questions with other nations brought out by the rebellion, and to protect American fisheries against British aggression.
[Address to the Army of the James]
Argument before the Tewksbury Investigation Committee
Argument (in brief) on the exemptions of the Cherokee nation from internal taxation:
Argument of Richard T. Merrick, Esq., on motion to vacate the service in the case of Charles W. Woolley vs. Benj. F. Butler in the Superior Court of the city of Baltimore, Saturday, October 10, 1868
Autobiography and personal reminiscences of Major-General Benj. F. Butler; Butler's book.
Benjamin F. Butler papers
Board of Delegates of American Israelites, 1859-1878., The
brief of the authorities upon the law of impeachable crimes and misdemeanors, A
Butler's record
candidature for the presidency in eight years of Stephen A. Douglas. His selfishness, and the duplicity in principle of his followers., The
case of Thomas C. A. Dexter. Military commission at Mobile. Arguments for the defendant before the President of the United States., The
Character and results of the war. How to prosecute and how to end it. A thrilling and eloquent speech
Civil rights.
Civil service.
Contested election
Controversy between Speaker Blaine and General Butler, growing out of his endeavor to get legislation for the protection of the liberty, property, and lives of loyal men throughout the South.
Correspondence between Gov. Andrew and Maj.-Gen. Butler.
Correspondence relating to the recruiting of troops for the Department of New England.
currency question., The
Debate in the House of representatives between Mr Butler
exchange question., The
Genuine and bogus democracy : speech of Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, at the N.Y. Academy of Music, Thursday evening, April 2, 1863.
hour with the American Hebrew, An : including Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's sermon on "Jew and Gentile ; " Benj. F. Butler's speech before the Hebrew fair at Boston. Also, remarks on the Hilton-Seligman affair, and the late misunderstanding at Manhattan Beach
hour with the American Hebrew. Including Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's sermon on "Jew and Gentile;", An
How to prosecute and how to end the war.
How we may relieve ourselves from taxation.
Independence of Cuba. Speech of Hon. Benjamin F. Butler, of Massachusetts, delivered in the House of Representatives, June 15, 1870.
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection, newspaper clippings
Ku-Klux outrages in the South.
Lecture delivered at the Brooklyn academy of music
Letter from General Butler to Hon. Daniel S. Richardson.
Letter of Gen. Butler, of Mass. The salaries of public officers. The venality and untruthfulness of a portion of the press. He shows a conspiracy to break down the Republican administration by denunciation of increase of salaries.
Letter of General Benj. F. Butler, to Hon. E. R. Hoar.
Memorial of the Great Falls manufacturing company.
Milligan case., The
negro in politics., The
Newspapers clippings
Opening argument of Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts, one of the managers on the impeachment of the President.
Opinions of H. W. Paine and B. F. Butler on establishing a water board for the city of Boston ...
Outline of the constitutional history of New York, an anniversary discourse, delivered at the request of the New York Historical Society, in the city of New York, November 19, 1847.
Presidential inability.
Private and official correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, during the period of the Civil War ... Privately issued.
Reconstruction of Georgia
Review of Judge Pierrepont of General Butler's defense, before the House of Representatives, in relation to the New Orleans Gold., A
right of America to present her claims against Britain for damages without menace., The
Should there be a union of the English-speaking peoples of the earth? A dissertation, delivered before the alumni of Colby university
Speech of Gen. Benj. Franklin Butler against further delays in the Trial of Impeachment in the Senate on the Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States., April 16, 1868.
Speech of General Butler, against further delays in the trial of impeachment in the Senate sitting on the trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, Thursday, April 16, 1868
Speech of Hon. Benjamin F. Butler, upon his bill to authorize the issue of a national currency, to assure its stability and elasticity, lessen the interest on the public debt, and reduce the rate of interest.
Speech of Maj.-Gen. Benj. F. Butler, upon the campaign before Richmond, 1864 : delivered at Lowell, Mass., January 29, 1865, with an appendix, the two attacks on Fort Fisher, speech on the treatment of the Negro, delivered at Boston, Mass., February 4, 1865, speech of Hon. Geo. S. Boutwell, in reply to charges of Hon. James Brooks ... against Gen. Benj. F. Butler, delivered in the House of Representatives, January 24, 1865.
Statement of facts in relation to Admiral D.D. Porter's claim not to have run away from forts St. Philip and Jackson, in April 1862, by which his cowardice and falsehood are fully shown from official documents and Porter's own self contradictions.
status of the insurgent states, upon the cessation of hostilites., The
The Behring Sea controversy. B.F. Butler.
Toner Excerpts
Treaty of Washington. An analysis of its provisions. Our losses, England's gains., The
Treaty of Washington, The : an examination of its provisions, showing the advantages thereby gained to England over America : letter by Benj. F. Butler, to Hon. A. Ames, U.S. Senator.
truth, The : the position of parties in New Hampshire.
William G. Langford, 1878?: