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Hilton, John
Hilton, John (der Jüngere)
Хилтон, Дж
Хилтон, Джон
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Ferrabosco, Alfonso (1578-1628)
Harmonia mundi France
Hilton, John (1560-1608; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Morehen, John
Morley, Thomas (1557-1602)
Smith, John Stafford (1750-1836)
Tye, Christopher (1505?-1573)
Warren, Joseph (1804-1881)
Webbe, Samuel (1740-1816)
Weelkes, Thomas (1575-1623)
White, Robert (1538?-1574)
Wilbye, John (1574-1638)
Wilson, John (1595-1674)
Яблонев, Эрлен Лазаревич
Ayres, 1844
Ayres, or, Fa la's, c2004
Ayres, or Fa La's for three voyces (1627)
Ayres or Fa Las : for three voices
Call George again, boys
Catch as catch can - ca.
Come, let's crown this famous night
Come sprightly mirth
Dainty fine aniseed water fine
Drink tonight of the moonshine bright
Elegy on the death of Shenstone
Fa la's
Foresters sound the cheerful horn
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Gather your rosebuds while you may
Gloria Patri
heard a wither'd maid complain, I
Hero kiss me or I die
If it be love to sit and mourn
If you will drink
Inigo Jones
Leave off sad philomel to sing
Look down, O Lord
Madrigales the triumphes of Oriana : to 5. and 6. voices
Mark how these knavish rests
Mault's come down
music collection of St. Michael's college, Tenbury, The
My lady and her mayd
My mistress will not be content
My soul O Lord
New oysters
Non nobis Domine
Now every fat man
Now is the summer springing
Now my lads
Now row we merrily
Now that spring hath fill'd
O had not Venus been beguil'd
O Lord almighty
O who, whill o'er the downs so free
old house end, An
Oxford music school collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, The
Phoebe tells me when I woo
pot, the pipe, the quart, The
pox on the jailor, A
Prepare your hearts
pretty lark, The
Pretty naun, bony naun
Regi regis arcana
Round of three Country dances in one, A
See how in gathering
She that will eat her breakfast
She weepeth sore in the night
Sigh no more ladies
Sing Arnhem Sing '91
singing club The catch club, The ; The glee club.
Sir Walter enjoying his damsel
Sir Walter enjoying hois damsel
Slaves to the world
Society the life of man
sorrows of my heart, The
Sweet and low
Sweet Jesu Christ
Take a pound of butter
Tell me dear
There is a paradise on earth
There lies a pudding
There was three cooks
There were three ravens
This ale, my bony lads
Thus saith the preacher
'Tis Amarillis walking
Tis woman makes us love
'Tis women makes us love
To drive (quater) your sadness away
To soften care
triumphs of Oriana madrigals, 1601., The
Turn, Amarillis, to thy swain
UT RElevet MI serum FAtum
Wars are our delight
Welcome, welcome, honest friends
wept and chastened, I
Were the bee sucks there suck I
What are we met
When flora frowns
Whenever I marry
Why should not we all
Wil't thou lend me
Will you buy a new merry book
wily, wily fox, The
wise men were but seven, The
woodbine flora doth decay, The
Yonder he goes
You lovers that have loves astray
Your merry poets
Избранные полифонические произведения зарубежных композиторов XVI-XVIII веков для детского хора без сопровождения