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Brito-Batavus (pseudonym)
Eoganesius, Janus Junius
Eoganesius, Janus Junius (pseudonym)
J. T
Janus Junius Eoganesius
Janus Junius Eoganesius (pseudonym)
Patricola (Pseudonym)
Roberts, John
Roberts, John (pseudonym)
T. J
Toland, ..
Toland, J.
Toland, Jean
Toland, Joannes
Toland, Johannes
Toland, John
Tolandus, J.
Tolandus, Joannes
Tolandus, Johannes
Толанд, Д
Толанд, Джон
トーランド, ジョン
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Language material
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Dagron, Tristan
Desmaizeaux, Pierre (1673?-1745)
Duggan, J. N. (1938-)
Eoganesius, Janus Junius (see also from)
Gauden, John (1605-1662)
Gawlick, Günter (1930-)
Harrington, James (1611-1677)
Holbach, Paul Henri Dietrich (1723-1789 baron d')
Johnson, Thomas ('s-Gravenhage)
Krellius, Johannes Amsterdam, 1684-1718
La C+++, Mr. de
La Monnoye, Bernard de (1641-1728)
McGuinness, Philip
Naigeon, Jacques André (1738-1810)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Институт К. Маркса и Ф. Энгельса
三井, 礼子 (1949-)
account of an Irish manuscript of the four Gospels
account of the courts of Prussia and Hannover. French
Adeisidaemon, sive Titus Livius a superstitione vindicatus.
agreement of the customs of the East-Indians with those of the Jews (1705), The
Amyntor or, A defence of Milton's Life
Anglia libera, or The limitation and succession of the crown of England explain'd and asserted; as grounded on His Majesty's speech ; the procedings in Parlament ; the desires of the people ; the safety of our religion ; the nature of our constitution ; the balance of Europe ; and the rights of all mankind. By Jo. Toland
apology for Mr. Toland, in a letter from himself to a member of the House of Commons in Ireland; written the day before his book was resolv'd to be burnt by the committee of religion. To which is prefix'd a narrative containing the occasion of the said letter, An
Appendix No. 1 to Nazarenus
art of governing by parties, The
art of governing by partys: particularly, in religion, in politics, in parlament, on the bench, and in the ministry; with the ill effects of partys on the people in general, the King in particular, and all our foren affairs; as well as on our credit and trade, in peace or war, &c., The
art of restoring, or the piety and probity of general Monk in bringing about the last Restoration, The
christianisme sans mystères, Le
Christianity not mysterious: or, A treatise Shewing, that there is nothing in the Gospel contrary to reason, nor above it: and that no Christian Doctrine can be properly call'd a mystery. By John Toland. To which is added, an apology for Mr. Toland, in relation to the Parliament of Ireland's ordering this book to be burnt.
Cicero illustratus Dissertatio philologico-critica: sive consilium de toto edendo Cicerone, alia planè methodo quàm hactenus unquam factum. Auctore Joanne Tolando.
collection of several pieces of Mr. John Toland, now first publish'd from his original manuscripts: with some memoirs of his life and writings ..., A
complete collection of the historical, political, and miscellaneous works of John Milton, both English and Latin. With som papers never before publish'd. In three volumes. To which is prefix'd the life of the author ..., A
constitution primitive de l'Église chrétienne, La
Critical history of the Celtic religion and learning
danger of mercenary parliaments:, The
Declaration de l'electeur Palatin, en faveur de ses sujets protestans, notifiée [...] à leurs hautes puissances les Etats Generaux. Précédée d'un discours historique [...]. Par m{r}. Toland.
Déclaration de l'Électeur palatin [Jean-Guillaume] en faveur de ses sujets protestans, notifiée à S.M. la reine de la Grande Bretagne et à leurs Hautes puissances les États généraux, précédée d'un Discours historique sur les causes des innovations et des griefs de religion que S.A.E. a depuis peu si heureusement redressez, par Mr. Toland
defence of Milton's Life, A
discourse upon coins, A
Dunkirk or Dover; or, The Queen's honour, the nation's safety, the liberties of Europe, and the peace of the world, all at stake till that fort and port be totally demolish'd by the French.
early lives of Milton, The
ecclésiologie de John Toland, L'
Engelant, vrygemaakt, of De bepaling en successie der kroon : verklaart en beweert op de gronden van Sijn Majts. aanspraak; de handelingen des parlements; de begeerte van 't volk; de veiligheit van onzen godsdienst; den aart der constitucie; de balanse van Europe; en 't Regt van alle volken
Expulsion of the triumphant beast, translated (by W. Morehead) from Jordano Bruno's Spaccia ("sic") della bestia trionfante, The
[followed by] A letter in answer to Christianity not mysterious
Formule pour célébrer une société socratique des panthéistes
Freispruch für Paulus, Ein : John Tolands Theorie des Judenchristentums
Gründe für die Einbürgerung der Juden in Grossbritannien und Irland
history of the Celtic religion and learning, The : containing an account of the Druids, or the priests and judges, of the vaids, or the diviners and physicians, and of the bards, or the poets and heralds, of the ancient Gauls, Britons, Irish, and Scots, with the history of Abaris, the hyperborian, priest of the Sun
I. Reasons for addressing His Majesty to invite into England their Highnesses, the Electress Dowager and the Electoral Prince of Hanover, and likewise, II. Reasons for attainting and abjuring the pretended Prince of Wales ... : with arguments for making a vigorous war against France.
J. Tolandi dissertationes duae, Adeisidaemon et Origines judaicae
John Toland's Christianity not mysterious : text, associated works, and critical essays
John Toland's Letters to Serena
letter in answer to "Christianity not mysterious", A
Letters to Serena.
Lettres à Serena
Lettres philosophiques sur l'origine des préjugés, du dogme de l'immortalité de l'ame, de l'idolâtrie & de la superstition; sur le systême de Spinosa & sur l'origine du mouvement dans la matiere.
Lettres philosophiques sur l'origine des préjugés, du dogme de l'immortalité de l'âme, de l'idolâtrie et de la superstition sur le système de Spinoza et sur l'origine du mouvement dans la matière, traduites de l'anglois de J. Toland [par le baron d'Holbach.] Traité des trois Imposteurs. [Par Vroes.]
life of Iohn Milton, The : containing, besides the history of his works, several extraordinary characters of men and books, sects, parties, and opinions : with Amyntor, or a defense of Milton's life : and various notes added
life of John Milton, The : containing, besides the history of his works, several extraordinary characters of men, and books, sects, parties, and opinions, with Amyntor, or a defense of Milton's life, and various notes now added
Listy Serene : Opiniorum commenta delet dies, Naturae judicia confirmat
Mangoneutes : being a defence of Nazarenus, addrest to the right reverend John Lord Bishop of London, against His Lordship's Chaplain Dr. Mangey, his dedicator Mr. Paterson and ... the reverend Dr. Bret ...
Memoirs of Denzil Lord Holles, baron of Ifield in Sussex, from the year 1641 to 1648.
memorial of the state of England, in vindication of the queen, the church, and the administration ..., The
memorial to Protestants on the fifth of November ... In a letter to a peer of Great Britain, A
miscellaneous works of Mr. John Toland, now first published from his original manuscripts. ... To the whole is prefixed, a copious account of Mr. Toland's life and writings. By Mr. Des Maizeaux. ..., The
Nazaréen, ou le Christianisme des juifs, des gentils et des Mahométans. Traduit de l'anglois, De Jean Toland, Le
Nazarenus, or Jewish, Gentile and Mahometan christianity, containing the history of the antient Gospel of Barnabas and the modern Gospel of the Mahometans, attributed to the same apostle : this last Gospel being now first made known among Christians... by Mr. Toland. 2d edition...
Oceana and other works of Iames Harrington ;, The
Oceana and other works of James Harrington esq;, The
Oceana of James Harrington, esq; and his other works:, The
Of the Immateriality of the soul...
Opera omnia Latina
Oratio philippica ad excitandos contra Galliam Britannos. Dutch
Pantheisticon, sive Formula celebrandae sodalitatis socraticae, in tres particulas divisa, quae pantheistarum sive sodalium continent : I. Mores et axiomata ; II. Numen et philosophiam ; III. Libertatem et non fallentem legem neque fallendam. Praemittitur de Antiquis et novis eruditorum sodalitatibus, ut et de universo infinito et aeterno diatriba. Subjicitur de Duplici pantheistarum philosophia sequenda, ac de viri optimi et ornatissimi idea dissertatiuncula
Paradoxes of state. Dutch
philosophical dissertation upon death, A
Plato redivivus, or a Dialogue concerning government, wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states both ancient and modern, an endeavour is used to discover the present politick distemper of our own, with the causes and remedies... 3d edition, with additions
Queen's honour, the nation's safety, the liberties of Europe, and the peace of the world, The
Raisons de naturaliser les Juifs en Grande-Bretagne et en Irlande
Reasons for naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland ; Appendix No. 1 to Nazarenus (Two problems concerning the Jewish nation and religion)
Redevoering om de Britten tegen Vrankryk aan te moedigen. Maar voornaamelyk, om geen ontydige vredehandel met verwonnenen aan te gaan. Aan [...] 't Engelsche Hof in den jaare 1514 ingeleverd.
Relation des cours de Prusse et de Hanovre, avec les caractères des principales personnes qui les composent, envoïée à une personne de considération en Hollande. Traduite de l'anglois de J. T.
state-anatomy of Great Britain, containing a particular account of its several interests and parties, their bent and genius, and what each of them, with all the rest of Europe may hope or fear from the reign and family of King George, being a memorial sent by an intimate friend to a foreign minister lately nominated to come for the court of England. [Signed, The : Patricola, London, Jan. I. 1716-1717.] The 3d edition
state-anatomy of Great Britain, The : containing a particular account of its several interests and parties, their bent and genius, and what each of them, with all the rest of Europe, may hope or fear from the reign and family of King George : being a memorial sent by an intimate friend to a foreign minister, lately nominated to come for the Court of England.
Tetradymus. Containing I. Hodegus; or the pillar of cloud and fire, that guided the Israelites in the wilderness, not maraculous, but, as faithfully related in Exodus a thing equally practis'd by other nations and in those places not only useful but necessary. II. Clidophorus; or of the exoteric and esoteric philosophy, that is, of the external and internal doctrine of the antients: the one open and public, accomodated to popular prejudices and the establish'd religions; the other private and secret wherein, to the few capable and discrete, was taught the real truth scripts of all disguises. III. Hypatia; or the history of the most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned, and every way accomplish'd lady; who was torn to pieces by the clergy of Alexandria, to gratify the pride, emulation, and cruelty of their Archbishop Cyril, commonly but undeservedly stil'd Saint Cyril. IV. Mangoneutes: being a defense of Nazarenus, address'd to the right reverend John lord Bishop of London; against his lordship's Chaplain Dr. Mangey, his dedicator Mr. Patterson, and (who ought to have been nam'd first) the reverend Dr. Brett, once belonging to hid Lordship's church.
theological and philological works of the late Mr. John Toland, being a system of Jewish, gentile and Mahometan Christianity., The
Toland e i liberi pensatori del '700
Tolérance et citoyenneté
Traité des trois imposteurs
Vindicius liberius Or, M. Toland's defence of himself, against the late Lower House of Convocation, and others; wherein (besides his letter to the prolocutor) certain passages of the book, intitul'd, Christianity not mysterious, are explain'd, and others corrected: with a full and clear account of the authors princi[ples] relating to church and state; and a justification of the Whigs and commonwealthsmen, against the misrepresentation of all their opposers.
Wonderspreuken van staat, slaande op den tegenwoordigen toestant van zaken zoo in Engelant als in de rest van Europe.
Works : the Oceana and other works
Избранные сочинения, 1927: