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Beard, D. C.
Beard, Dan
Beard, Daniel
Beard, Daniel C.
Beard, Daniel Carter
Beard, Daniel Carter (American illustrator and naturalist, 1850-1941)
Daniel Carter Beard
ビアード, ダニエル・カーター
ビアド, ダニエル
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beard james henry
Kaplan, Justin
Kobayashi, Hitoshi (1944-)
Merino, Juan Fernando
Ookubo, Hiroshi (1929-)
Roy J. Friedman Mark Twain Collection (Library of Congress)
Steele, Frederic Dorr (1873-1944)
Twain, Mark (1835-1910))
Wright, George Hand (1872-1951)
大久保, 博 (1929-)
小林, ?史 (1944-)
American boys' book of bugs, butterflies and beetles
American boys handy book
Amerikan bōizu handi bukku
Āsā ō to atta otoko
Boat-building and boating
Book of camp-lore and woodcraft
Connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court, A
following the equator
Hanku mōgan no bōken
He was hungry for a fight
hidden Mark Twain, c1984:, The
Iron Dude, The
It had in it a sample of about all the upper occupations and professions
King Uriens
[King walking with stick past tree with letter N]
[Knight falling off bicycle and letter C]
[Knight holding pike with banner with initial M]
[Knight in armor tilting at man in modern dress in tree onto which a man in modern dress has climbed for refuge]
[Man in top hat jousting with quill at helmet and letter N]
Marhaus, son of the King of Ireland
Moonblight and six feet of romance, 1904.
Mrs. Le Fay
New ideas for American boys; the Jack of all trades
No flying machines, no automobiles, no radios, no movies, but somehow or other, we had fun
On the tramp
orator, The
"Our Chauncey." After dinner rhymes
Outdoor handy book for playground, field, and forest
[Plumed helmeted knight smoking pipe and letter I]
[Pterodactyls and airplane flying in front of cloud-covered moon]
Rah for protection
Sandy and the boss at the second table
Sandy with royalty
Science, independence, freedom
[Seated child with rosary]
Shelters, shacks, and shanties and how to build them
Sing, dance, carouse every night
Sir Arthur took it up by the handle
Sir Cote Male Taile
Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine
Sir Sagramoe le Desirous
Sister, your blind is disarranged
slave driver, The
Slim Jim
Solid comfort
Some of the boys going a 'grailing
Some of the laws were too bad
spirit that goeth with burdens that have not honor, The
sportsman's paradise; or, The lake lands of Canada., The
[Standing man and letter I]
Starving eh? why don't you grow a nose like mine?
stranger's story, The
sun struck the sea of armour and set it all aflash, The
Supreme head of the Church and some other heads
That old tower leaped into the sky in chunks
There are ways to persuade him to abandon it
There was no soap, no matches, no looking glass
They came in a body : they came with a whirr
They have a right to their view : I only stand to this
They let their long lances droop to a level
They thought I was one of those fire belching dragons
This would undermine the church
To the gentlemen he was abject
Tom Sawyer abroad
Toward the monk the coal burner was deeply reverent
tree and the fruit, The
tree is known by its fruits, A
troublesomest old sow of the lot, The
Truly I find small difficulty here, the matter being even a child's affair for simpleness
Turn-of-the-century classic of crafts and activities
Varlet serve me to what cheer ye have
Walking on air she was so proud
We were challenged by the warders and after parley admitted
What is it you call it? -- Chuckleheads
When a slave passed he couldn't even see him
Why do you not warn me to cease?
Why, they were nothing but rabbits
Winter 1789
Winter plaques for little folk: look before you leap
Wisdom of the woods
Yanqui en la Corte del Rey Arturo, Un
[Youth summer camp pamphlets].
ハンク・モーガンの冒険 : アーサー王宮廷のコネチカット・ヤンキー