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Author of the first letter
Bath, William Pulteney
Bath, William Pulteney (Earl of)
Bath, William Pulteney of
Cal. d'Anvers (pseudonym)
Caleb d'Anvers (pseudonym)
First letter, Author of the
Freeholder, A (pseudonym)
Member of Parliament
Member of the House of Commons
Pulteney, Willhelm
Pulteney, William
Pulteney, William (Earl of Bath)
Pulteny, William
Worthy, Will
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Anvers, Caleb d' (see also from)
D'Anvers, Caleb (see also from)
Douglas, John (1721-1807)
Egmont, John Perceval Earl of, 1711-1770
Force, Peter (1790-1868)
Haines, H. (Londen)
Haines, Henry (16..?-17.. imprimeur)
Member of parliament, a (see also from)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pulteney, William (see also from)
Ramsay, Allan (1713-1784)
Bob-Lynn against Franck-Lynn, or, A full history of the controversies and dissentions in the family of the Lynn's, 1732:
Case of the revival of the salt duty, fully statedand considered; with some remarks on the present state of affairs. In answer to a late pamphlet, intitled A Letter to a freeholder on the late reduction of the land-tax to one shilling in the pound. In a letter from a member of the House of Commons to a gentleman in the country, The
Case of the sinking fund, and the right of the publick creditors to it considered at large with some farther observations on the national debts, the civil list, the bank contract, votes of credit, and other extraordinary grants of money : being a defence of an enquiry into the conduct of our domestick affairs, and a full reply to a late pamphlet, intitled, some considerations concerning the publick funds, &c
Conduct of the late and present ministry compared, The
Craftsman, being a critique on the times, by Caleb d'Anvers [Nicholas Amhurst, lord Bolingbroke and William Pulteney]. 3d edition, The
eng. hist. rev.
Enquiry into the conduct of our domestick affairs from the year 1721, to the present time. in which the case of our national debts, the sinking fund, and all extraordinary grants of money are particularly consider'd. being a sequel to politicks on both sides
Faction detected, by the evidence of facts : containing an impartial view of parties at home and affairs abroad.
Humble address to the knights, citizens, and burgesses elected to represent the commons of great britain in the ensuing parliament
Late excise scheme dissected, or, an exact copy of the late bill, for repealing several subsidies, and an impost, now payable on tobacco, &c with all the blanks filled up ... together with an introduction explaining the nature of our constitution, and the methods by which it may be overturned
letter addressed to two great men, on the prospect of peace, A : and on the terms necessary to be insisted upon in the negociation.
Letter from a member of parliament to a friend in the country concerning the sum of 115,000l. granted for the service of the civil list
letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of ---- concerning the affair of Elizabeth Canning, A
neuentdeckte Grossbritannische Hauptverrätherey nach dem .. Beri*. -, Die
Politicks on both sides, with regard to foreign affairs, stated from their own writings, and examined by the course of events with some observations on the present state of affairs in great britain, and the effects of our negotiations for several years past
Proper answer to the by-stander wherein is shewn i. that there is no necessity for, but infallible ruin in the maintenance of a large regular (or mercenary) land force in this island. ii. that by keeping up a standing army for preventing an invasion, we shall at last render it certain and successful. iii. that publick credit is now upon a more stable foundation than ever it was before the year 1734, and can be ruined by nothing but bad oeconomy, temporary expedients, and loss of trade. iv. that endeavouring to revive parties or factions long since extinquished, in order to divert the attention of the people from the present mischiefs or dangers, is a most wicked attempt. and v. that the weight of political power is now taken almost entirely from the popular and thrown into the regal scale
proper reply to a late scurrilous libel; intitled, "Sedition and defamation display'd" (1731), A
Reflections on the domestic policy proper to be observed on the conclusion of a peace
Short view of the state of affairs with relation to great britain for four years past, with some remarks on the treaty lately published and a pamphlet intitled observations upon it
State of the national debt as it stood december the 24th, 1716, with the payments made towards the discharge of it out the sinking fund, &c., compared with the debt at michaelmas, 1725