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Doolittle Walcott, Charles
Walcott, C. D.
Walcott, , Charles D.
Walcott, , Charles Doolittle
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Adams, Campbell W.
Estados Unidos Coast and Geodetic Survey
Gannett, Henry
Gannett, Samuel S. (1861-1939)
Geological Survey (Estados Unidos)
Geological survey Etats-Unis
Goode, Richard Urquhart
Hawkins, George T.
Neal, W. D. (fl. 1898-1902)
Renshawe, John H.
Smith, George Otis (n. 1871)
Smithsonian Institution
Sutton, Frank
Willis, Bailey (1857-1949)
Wilson, Herbert M. (1860-1920)
ABA. Dictionary of scientific biography
Addenda to descriptions of Burgess shale fossils... by Charles D. Walcott, with explanatory notes by Charles E. Resser
Annual report.
Atoka (Estados Unidos) (Oklahoma)
Atoka Quadrangle : Indian Territory : Topographic Sheet
Biographical memoir of Samuel Pierpont Langley, 1834-1906
Bolton Bridge (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Cambrian brachiopoda, by Charles D. Walcott
Cambrian Brachipoda with descriptions of new genera and species.
Cambrian geology and paleontology
Cambrian rocks of Pennsylvania, by Charles Doolittle Walcott, The
Coos Bay Quadrangle : Oregon (Coos Co.) : Topographic Sheet
Coos (Estados Unidos) (Oregón) (Bahía)
Correlation papers : Cambrian by Charles Doolittle Walcott
correlation papers on the cambrian
Cucamonga (Estados Unidos) (California)
Danville (Estados Unidos) (Illinois)
Danville Quadrangle : Illinois-Indiana : Topographic Sheet
Description of new forms of upper Cambrian fossils.
description of the Manly engine, reprinted from Langley memoir on mechanical flight, Smithsonian contributions to knowledge... Langley memoir on mechanical flight. Part I. 1887 to 1896, by Samuel Pierpont Langley,... Part II. 1897 to 1903, by Charles M. Manly,... [Foreword to reprint, by Neil MacCoull, C. H. Baxley, S. D. Heron, L. C. Lichty, C. B. Veal. Advertisement by Charles D. Walcott], A
Downey (Estados Unidos) (California)
Downey Sheet : California
Elkton (Estados Unidos) (Maryland)
Elkton Quadrangle : Maryland-Delaware-Pennsylvania : Topographic Sheet
Fossil medusae, by Charles Doolittle Walcott
Geology of the Eureka district, Nevada : with an atlas
Grass Valley--1896 : California (Nevada Co.), Grass valley special map
Harlem Quadrangle : New York-New Jersey : Topographic Sheet
Hempstead (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Hempstead Quadrangle : New York : Topographic Sheet
International boundary from the Gulf of Georgia to the northwesternmost point of the Lake of the Woods.
Map of Calvert county showing the geological formations
Maynardville (Estados Unidos) (Tennessee)
Maynardville Quadrangle : Tennessee : Topographic Sheet
memorial of George Brown Goode, A
Moravia Quadrangle : New York : Topographic Sheet
New York City and Vicinity
North American continent during Cambrian time, The
Notes on some sections of trilobites, from the Trenton limestone, and descriptions of new species of fossils.
Nueva York (Estados Unidos) (Alrededores)
Nueva York (Estados Unidos). Brooklyn
Nueva York (Estados Unidos). Harlem
Nueva York (Estados Unidos). Staten Island
On the Cambrian fauna of North America
On the Cambrian faunas of North America, 1884:
On the Cambrian faunas of North America, preliminary studies, by Charles Doolittle Walcott
Oswego (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Oyster Bay (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Oyster Bay Quadrangle : New York-Connecticut : Topographic Sheet
paleontology of the eureka district, the
Paleotology of the Eureka district
Paterson (Estados Unidos) (New Jersey)
Pisgah Quadrangule : North Carolina-South Carolina : Topographic Sheet
Plata (Estados Unidos) (Colorado), La
Pomona Sheet : California
Portland (Estados Unidos) (Oregón)
Pueblo (Estados Unidos) (Colorado)
Red Cloud (Estados Unidos) (Nebraska)
Red Cloud Sheet : Nebraska-Kansas
Research in China
Rico (Estados Unidos) (Colorado)
Saint Mary (Estados Unidos) (Maryland)
San Luis Obispo (Estados Unidos) (California)
Sansbois (Estados Unidos) (Oklahoma)
Santa Mónica (Estados Unidos) (California)
Schenectady (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Schenectady Sheet : New York
Schoharie (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Schuylerville (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Seattle (Estados Unidos) (Washington)
Second contribution to the studies on the Cambrian faunas of North America, by Charles Doolittle Walcott
Skaneateles (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Skaneateles Quadrangle : New York : Topographic Sheet
Staten Island Quadrangle : New Jersey-New York : Topographic Sheet
Study of a line of displacement in the Grand Canon of the Colorado.
Tacoma (Estados Unidos) (Washington)
Tacoma Quadrangle : Washington : Topographic Sheet
Taconic (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York) (Montes)
Tamalpais (Estados Unidos) (California)kMapas topográficos
Tazewell (Estados Unidos) (Virginia)
Tazewell Sheet : Virginia-West Virginia
Texas (Estados Unidos) (Estado)
Tintic (Estados Unidos) (Utah)
Tolchester (Estados Unidos) (Maryland)
Tolchester Quadrangle : Maryland : Topographic Sheet
Toleston Quadrangle : Indiana : Lake County : Topographic Sheet
Tully (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
United States geological survey., The
Utica (Estados Unidos) (Nueva York)
Utica Quadrangle : New York : Topographic Sheet
West Point Quadrangle : New York : Topographic Sheet
Whistle Creek (Estados Unidos) (Nebraska)
Whistle Creek Quadrangle : Nebraska : Topographic Sheet
Yosemite (Estados Unidos) (California) (Parque Nacional)