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Barrell, J.
Barrell, Joseph,
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Fernald, M. L.
Huntington, Ellsworth (1876-1947)
Lehigh University
Longwell, Chester R. (1887-1975)
Longwell, Chester Ray (1887-1975)
Lull, Richard Swann (1867-1957)
Schuchert, Charles (1858-1942)
Woodruff, Lorande Loss (1879-1947)
Central Connecticut in the geologic past
evolution of the earth and its inhabitants; a series delivered before the Yale chapter of the Sigma xi during the academic year 1916-1917, The
Factors in Movements of the Strand Line a. their Results in the Pleistocene a. Post-Pleistocene
geological history of the Archean highlands of New Jersey, including their extension in New York and Pennsylvania, The
Geological Relations of Eart-Condensation and Resulting Acceleration in Rotation.
Nature and Bearings of Isostasy, The : The Status of the Theory of Isostasy
Nature and Environment of the Lower Cambrian Sediments of the Southern Appalachians, The
On continental fragmentation and the geologic bearing of the moon's surficial features
On Internal Stresses and Changes of Figure
On Theoretic Relations to Joint Systems
[Relations of Subjacent Igneous Invasion to Regional Metamorphism
Spheres of the Earth and Their Effects on the Lithosphere, The
Three folded maps in pocket
Master's Thesis--Lehigh University, 1896