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Jordan, D. S.
Jordan, David
Jordan, David S.
Jordan, David Starr
Starr, David Jordan
ジョーダン, D. S
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Language material
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commentator for written text
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Burbank, Luther (1849-1926)
Clark, George Archibald (1864-1918)
Evermann, Barton W. (1853-1932)
Evermann, Barton Warren (1853-1932)
Evermann, Barton Warren (1853-1932))
Gilbert, Charles H. (1859-1928)
Gilbert, Charles Henry (1859-1928)
Kellogg, Vernon L. (1867-1937)
Kellogg, Vernon Lyman (1867-1937)
Kimball, Sarah Louise
Richardson, Robert Earl (1877-)
Snyder, John Otterbein
Starks, Edwin Chapin (1867-1932)
Tanaka, Shigeho
中村, 平
Alsace-Lorraine : a study in Conquest: 1913
America's conquest of Europe
American food and game fishes a popular account of all the species found in america,north of the equator,with keys for ready identification, life histories,and methods of capture
Animal life: A first book of Zoology
aquatic resources of the Hawaiian islands., The
Blood of the nation a study of the decay of races through the survival of the unfit
Care and culture of men; a series of addresses on the higher education
Catalog of the fishes known from the waters of korea
Catalogue of the fishes of japan
Check-list of the species of fishes known from the Philippine Archipelago
classification of fishes, A : including families and genera as far as known
College and the man an address to American youth
Contributions to North American Ichthyology based primarily on the collections of the United States National Museum
cretaceous fishes of Ceará, Brazil, The
days of a man
Democracy and world relations
Description of a Species of Fish (Mitsukurina owstoni) from Japan, the Type of a Distinct Family of Lamnoid Sharks
Description of the yellow-finned trout of Twin lakes, Colorado
Description of three new species of carangoid fishes from Formosa
Description of two new genera of fishes (Ereunias and Draciscus) from Japan
fish fauna of the tortugas archipelago, the
Fishes of north and middle America : a descriptive catalogue of the species of fish-like vertebrates found in the waters of North America, north of the Isthmus of Panama
fishes of Puget Sound, The
fishes of Sinaloa, The
Fossil fishes of the Miocene of Southern California
Fur seals and fur-seal islands of the north pacific ocean
genera of fishes a contribution to the stability of scientific nomenclature, The
Heredity of richard roe a discussion of the principles of eugenics
How plants are trained to work for man.
Imperial democracy a study of the relation of government by the people, equality before the law, and other tenets of democracy to the demands of a vigorous foreign policy and other demands of imperial dominion
Innumerable company
Isolation with segregation as a factor in organic evolution
Jinbutsu no shūyō
Krieg und Mannheit
Leading American men of science
List of the fishes of hawaii, with notes and descriptions of new species
Manual of the vertebrate animals of the northern United States including the district north and east of the Ozark Mountains, south of the Laurentian Hills, north of the southern boundary of Virginia, and east of the Missouri River, inclusive of marine species
moisson humaine essai sur la décadence des races par suite de la survivance du moins apte, La
naval waste
Nijisseiki no seinen ni tsugu
Notes on fishes, little known or new to science
On a collection of fishes made by Mr. Alan Owston in the deep waters of Japan
On certain species of fishes confused with Bryostemma polyactseephalum.
On the family of Achiridae or broad-soles, with description of a new species Achirus Barnharti from California
Peixes cretaceos do Ceará e Piauhy
Philosophy of hope
practical education, The
religion of a sensible American, The
review of the giant mackerel-like fishes, tunnies, spearfishes and swordfishes, A
saving of time, The
Science sketches
scientific aspects of Luther Burbank's work, The
Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska
shore fishes of Hawaii; these fishes are found throughout the Pacific Ocean, The
Standeth God within the shadow
Story of a good woman, jane lathrop stanford
story of Matka; a tale of the Mist-Islands, The
Studies in ichthyology : a monographic review of the family of Atherinidae or Silversides
Syllabus of lectures on international conciliation
training of a physician, the
True tales of birds and beasts
University of the United States ... December 21, 1896.
Unseen empire; a study of the plight of nations that do not pay their debts
wandering host, The
War and the breed the relation of war to the downfall of nations
War and waste a series of discussions of war and war accessories
Ways to lasting peace
What of Mexico? (Abstract of an address before the National educational association, Hotel Astor, New York, July 7, 1916.)
What shall we say? Being comments on current matters of war and waste
Where the rolling foothills rise, comprising scenes in color and duotone, on and near the Stanford campus
Woman and the university
Work of the International fisheries commission of Great Britain and the United States
Your family tree : being a glance at Scientific aspects of genealogy, with a variety of illustrative examples from the Lineage of families prominent in America and Great Britain