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Kamika, Iosua Toulemina
Smith, J. Toulmin
Smith, Joshu Toulmin
Smith, Joshua Toulmin
Smith, Toulmin
Toulmin Smith, Joshua
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Brentano, Ludwig Josef (1844-1931)
Brentano, Lujo (1844-1931)
Geologists' Association, London
Keightley, Thomas (1789-1872)
Ricart, Robert
Smith, Lucy Toulmin (1838-1911)
Streeter, Floyd Benjamin (1888-1956)
Szarvady, Friedrich
Szarvady, Frigyes (1822-1882))
W. Besser's Verlagsbuchhandlung Franz Duncker (Berlin)
Considerations respecting the system of anonymous espionage and search-warrants practised by the commissioners of excise as affecting the civil liberties of Englishmen
discovery of America by the Northmen in the tenth century. Comprising translations of all the most important original narratives of this event; together with a critical examination of their authenticity; to which is added, an examination of the comparative merits of the Northmen and Columbus., The
English gilds, 1892:
English gilds : the original ordinances of more than one hundred early English gilds : together with þe olde usages of þe cite of Wynchestre ; the ordinances of Worcester ; the office of the mayor of Bristol ; the costomary of the manor of Tettenhal-Regis
finding of true facts: being an inaugural address, delivered at the first meeting of the Association, on the 11th January, 1859., The
Government by commissions illegal and pernicious. The nature and effects of all commissions of inquiry and other crown-appointed commissions. The constitutional principles of taxation; and the rights, duties, and importance of local self-government
history of Rome, The
Journal in America, 1837-1838
Ka palapala hoohalike i ka mooolelo kahiko, 1842:
laws of England relating to public health, The : including an epitome of the law of nuisances, police, highways, waters, water-courses, coroners, burial, &c. relating thereto ; with an historical review of the law of sewers ; and an examination of the proposed measure of sanatory legislation now before Parliament
Local self-government and centralisation: the characteristics of each; and its practical tendencies, as affecting social, moral, and political welfare and progress including comprehensive outlines of the English constitution...
Louis Kossuth, Prince Esterhazy, and Count Casimir Batthyanyi: being answers to apersions contained in letters published in "The Times" and a vindication of the position of Kossuth and the Hungarian cause
maire of bristowe is kalendar, The
Parallels between the constitution and constitutional history of England and Hungary
parish, The : its powers and obligations at law, as regards the welfare of every neighbourhood and in relation to the state
Practical proceedings for the removal of nuisances to health and safety, and for the execution of drainage works, in every parish, town, and place, in England and Wales
Synopsis of phrenology; directed chiefly to the exhibition of the utility and application of the science to the advancement of social happiness. With two plates.
Traditions of the Old crown house, in Der-Yat-End, in the lordship of Birmingham...
Wer ist der König von Ungarn der jetst als Kläger vor dem Englischen Kanzleigerichtshof erscheint? : ein Brief an Lord Russel
What is the Corporation of London? and who are the freemen?
Who is the "King of Hungary" that is now a suitor in the English Court of Chancery, 1861: