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Baron Cecil of Essendon
Cecil, Robert
Cecil, Robert (comte de Salisbury)
Cecil, Robert (Earl of Salisbury)
Cranborne, Robert Cecil
Cranborne, Robert Cecil (Viscount)
Earl of Salisbury
Essendon, Robert Cecil
Essendon, Robert Cecil (Baron of)
Robert Cecil, 1st earl of Salisbury
Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury
Robert (Earle of Salisbury)
Salisbury, Robert Cecil
Salisbury, Robert Cecil (1st Earl of)
Salisbury, Robert Cecil (comte de)
Salisbury, Robert Cecil (Earl of)
Salisbury, Robert Cecil Earl of (British aristocrat and patron, 1563-1612)
Salisbury, Robert Cecil of
Sir Robert Cecil
Viscount Cranborne
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Barker, Christopher (1529-1599)
Basson, Thomas Leiden, 1585-1612
Besset de la Chapelle, N.-P. (17..-17.. traducteur)
Bliss, Jeanette Dwight (18..-1924)
Bliss, Susan Dwight (18..-1966)
Dalrymple, David Sir, 1726-1792
England and Wales Lord High Treasurer (1608-1612 : Salisbury) (see also from)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
James I, re d'Inghilterra (1566-1625)
Maclean, John (1811-1895)
Schilders, Richard (1538?-1634)
Schilders, Richard (Middelburg)
Answer to certain scandalous papers scattered. - [1681]
answere to certaine scandalous papers. Dutch, An
Answere to certaine scandalous papers, scattered abroad under colour of a Catholicke admonition
Antwoord op sekere schandaleuse oft ergerlicke pampieren, gestroyt in verscheyden plaetsen, onder den schijn van een catholijcke vermaninghe. Gedaen by den grave van Salisbury, opperste secretaris van zijne majesteyt van Englandt [...]
Antwoordt van Robert Cecil Graeve van Salisbury, etc. Secretaris van sijne C. Maiest. van Engelandt, op seeckere scandaleuse schriften over al (tegens hem) ghestroyt, onder decsel van een Catholijke vermaninghe. ...
copie d'une lettre inscrite à Tresillustre Seigneur Monseigneur le Comte de Lecestre, Lieutenant general de toutes les forces de sa Majesté es Provinces unies des païs bas, desia paravant escrite, mays à luy presentée à son retour desdicts païs.Avec un recit de certaines requestes & declarations faictes par deux diverses fois à la Majesté de la Royne... Ensemble, les responces sus cela donées par sa Majesté mesme..., La
copie of a letter to the right honourable the Earle of Lecester, Lieutenant generall of all her Majesties forces in the united Provinces of the lowe Countreys, written before, but delivered at his returne from thence :With a report of certeine petitions and declarations made to the Queenes Majestie at two severall times, from all the Lordes and Commons lately assembled in Parliament. And her Majesties answeres thereunto by her selfe delivered, though not expressed by the reporter with such grace and life, as the same were uttered by her Majestie., The
copie of a letter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Leycester, lieutenant generall of all Her Maiesties forces in the Vnited Prouinces of the Lowe Countreys, The : written before but deliuered at his returne from thence, with a report of certeine petitions and declarations made to the Queenes Maiestie at two seuerall times from al the lordes and commons lately assembled in Parliament, and Her Maiesties answeres thereunto by her selfe deliuered ...
Copye Van eenen brief Aen den E. den Grave van Leycester ... Met een verhael, Vanseker begeerten ende verthooningen Aen de Con. Majesteyt ... Insghelicr hare Ma. andwoorde selve daer op ghedaen ...Noch is hier bygevoecht Een warachtige Copye vande Proclatie onlancx gepubliceert by de Co. Ma. ...Mitsgaders eenighe Brieven gheschreven by de Schotsche Coninginne aen den verrader Anthony Babington, met ziine andtwoordede op de selve brieven ...
Correspondance secrette du chevalier Robert Cecil avec Jacques VI, roi d'Ecosse , publiée aujourd'hui pour la première fois [par Dav. Dalrymple] à Edinbourg... Traduite de l'anglois... [Par N.-P. Besset de La Chapelle.]
Correspondance secrette du chevalier Robert Cecil, avec Jacques VI, roi d'Écosse ... traduite de l'anglois littéralement et mot pour mot
Correspondence of King James VI, of Scotland with Sir Robert Cecil and others in England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth; with an appendix containing papers illustrative of transactions between King James and Robert earl of Essex. Principally pub. for the first time from manuscripts of the Most Hon. the Marquis of Salisbury, K.G., preserved at Hatfield.
Eenighe brieven ... aen den verrader Anthony Babington
Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew. Edited by John Maclean,...
Letters of Sir Robert Cecil
poetical works of the Honourable Sir Charles Sedley, bar, and his speeches in Parliament, The
Responsio ad libellum quendam famosum, Catholicae admonitionis praetextu in vulgus sparsum.
Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, 1563-1612, 1989:
secret correspondence of Sir Robert Cecil with James VI: king of Scotland. Now first published., The
state and dignity of a secretarie of Estates place. -, The
state and dignity of a secretary of states place, 1642:, The
true copy of the proclamation lately published ... for the declaring of the sentence lately given against the Queen of Scots. 1587. (VD16 C 1777), A