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Eberet, Entouarnt
Everett, E.
Everett, Edward
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Appleton, D. and Company
Harvard University Affiliation (see also from)
Israel Thorndike Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Jacob Bailey Moore Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Massachusetts Governor (1836-1840 : Everett) (see also from)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Moore, Frank (1828-1904)
Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Samuel Gardner Drake Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
The New England Histor-genal. Society (Boston)
Webster, Daniel (1782-1852)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Account of Some Greek Manuscripts, Procured at Constantinople in 1819 and now Belonging to the Library of the University at Cambridge, An
Address delivered at charlestown, august 1, 1826, in commemoration of john adams and thomas jefferson
Address delivered before the N.Y. State Agricultural Society
Address of Mr. Everett and the poem of Dr. O. W. Holmes at the dinner given to H. I. H. Monseigneur the Prince Napoleon, September 25, 1861., The
Address of the Hon. Edward Everett at the anniversary of the American Colonization Society
Address pronounced october twenty-first at the funeral of rev. john lovejoy abbot, pastor of the first church of christ in boston
Addresses at the inauguration of the Hon. Edward Everett, LL. D., as President of the University at Cambridge, Thursday, April 30, 1846
American poets
Bulletin of the New England Art Union.
[Catalogue of the books presented to the city of Boston by Edward Everett.
Correspondence on the proposed tripartite convention relative to Cuba
Correspondence relative to the award of the King of Denmark's comet medal to Miss Maria Mitchell, of Nantucket : for the discovery of a telescopic comet, on the 1st of October, 1847.
Daniel Webster an oration
Defence of christianity against the work of george b. english, a.m., entitled the grounds of christianity examined, by comparing the new testament with the old
Discovery and colonization of america, and immigration to the united states a lecture delivered before the new york historical society, in metropolitan hall, on the 1st of june, 1853
Eulogy on Lafayette delivered in Faneuil hall at the request of the young men of Boston, September 6, 1834
Eulogy on the life and character of john quincy adams delivered at the request of the legislature of massachusetts in faneuil hall, april 15, 1848
Eulogy on Thomas Dowse, of Cambridgeport, pronounced before the Massachusetts historical society, 9th December, 1858
Great issues now before the country an oration
Greek grammar for the use of schools
Harvard lyceum., The
Importance of practical education and useful knowledge being a selection from his orations and other discourses
Inauguration of the Dudley observatory, at Albany, August 28, 1856.
Lecture on the working men's party first delivered october sixth, before the charlestown lyceum, and published at their request
Letters of the Hon. Joseph Holt, the Hon. Edward Everett, and Commodore Charles Stewart, on the present crisis.
Letters to His Excellency Edward Everett, governor of Massachusetts, on the question of the north eastern boundary
Life of george washington
Lincoln at Gettysburg : what he intended to say : what he said : what he was reported to have said : what he wished he had said
Makers of American history:
Memoir on the subject of British enlistments in the United States.
Monroe doctrine
Mount vernon papers
Oration delivered at charlestown, on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the battle of bunker hill, june 17, 1850
Oration delivered at concord, april the nineteenth, 1825
Oration delivered before the citizens of charlestown on the fifty-second anniversary of the declaration of independence of the united states of america
Oration delivered before the city authorities of Boston on the Fourth of July, 1860
Orations and speeches on various occasions
questions of the day. An address, delivered in the Academy of music, in New York, on the Fourth of July, 1861., The
Rebellion record. supplement.--first volume
Remarks at the Plymouth festival, on the first of August, 1853, in commemoration of the embarkation of the Pilgrims.
Remarks of Mr. Everett on the bill for the relief of the Revolutionary officers, in the House of Representatives, April 25, 1826
Revised report made to the legislature of Pennsylvania, relative to the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg, embracing an account of the origin of the undertaking; address of Hon. Edward Everett, at its consecration, with the dedicatory speech of President Lincoln, and the other exercises of that event; together with the address of Maj. Gen. O.O. Howard, deliverd July 4, 1866 [i.e. 1865], upon the dedication of the Soldiers' National Monument and the other proceedings upon that occasion.
Right of petition. New England clergymen.
Selides hēmerologiou
Speech, at the dinner given in honor of George Peabody, esq., of London, by the citizens of the old town of Danvers, October 9, 1856.
Speech in support of the memorial of Harvard, Williams, and Amherst Colleges : delivered before the Joint Committee on Education, in the hall of the House of Representatives, Boston, on the 7th of February, 1849
Speech of Mr. Everett, of Massachusetts, delivered in the Senate of the United States, Feb. 8, 1854, on the Nebraska and Kansas territorial bill.
Speech of Mr. Everett, of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, on the 14th and 21st of February, 1831, on the execution of the laws and treaties in favor of the Indian tribes
Speech of Mr. Everett on the proposition to amend the Constitution of the United States delivered in the House of Representatives, March 9, 1826
Spoliations of the French, prior to 1800.
Stability and progress. Remarks made on the 4th of July, 1853, in Faneuil hall.
Substance of the remarks of Mr. Edward Everett, at the temperance meetings in Concord and Salem, on the 11th and 14th June, 1833.
To the right honorable Lord John Russell
Transactions of the Society of Middlesex husbandmen and manufacturers, for the year 1851. Including the speeches of the Hon. Edward Everett and Hon. Robert C. Winthrop at the dinner table.
Tribute to the memory of Edw. Everett
war policy of the administration, The : letter of the President to the Union mass convention at Springfield, Illinois.
Washington Irving. Mr. Bryant's address on his life and genius. Addresses by Everett, Bancroft, Longfellow, Felton, Aspinwall, King, Francis, Greene. Mr. Allibone's Sketch of his life and works. With eight photographs.
Webster statue