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Rosen, Michael J.
Rosen, Michael Joel
ローゼン, M・J
ローゼン, マイケル・J
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Danowski, Sonja
Fellows, Stanley (1957-)
Jones, Doug (1950-)
Kassoy, Ben
Margeson, John
Robinson, Aminah Brenda Lynn (1940-)
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Thurber, James (1894-1961)
Thurber, James Grover (1894-1961)
青山, 南 (1949-)
101 damnations: the humorists' tour of personal hells
50 odd jobs : a wild and wacky rhyming guide to one-of-a-kind careers
60-second encyclopedia, The ; illustrations by Elwood Smith.
All eyes on the pond
Any body's guess : quirky quizzes about what makes you tick
[Artikel over lievelingsboek uit jeugd voor Querido's Kinderboekenkalender]
Balls! round 2
Bird’s-eye View: Watching feathered friends inspires Japanese-style poetry
Bizarre vehicles
blessing of the animals, The
Bonesy and Isabel
Brief van Michael J. Rosen (1954-) aan Em. Querido's Uitgeverij, Amsterdam.
Chanukah lights everywhere
ChaseR : a novel in e-mails
Children's book illustrators brag about their cats
Collecting himself James Thurber on writing and writers, humor and himself
Collecting himself : James Thurber on writing and writers, humor and myself
Company of animals, The : 20 stories of alliance and encounter
Company of cats, The : 20 contemporary stories of family cats
Company of dogs, The : twenty-one stories by contemporary masters
Cooking from the heart : 100 great American chefs share recipes they cherish
Crazy buildings
Cuckoo’s Haiku and Other Birding Poems, The
dog department, The : James Thurber on hounds, scotties, and talking poodles
Dog people : writers and artists on canine companionship
Dog poeple
dog who walked with God, The
Doggu pīpuru : Inu o aisuru amerika no sakka to geijutsukatachi
Dogs we love
Down to earth : garden secrets! garden stories! garden projects you can do!
drink at the mirage, 1984:, A
Elijah's angel : a story for Chanukah and Christmas
Few Words of Welcome to Parents and Teachers, A
Fishing with Dad : lessons of love and lure from father to son
Food fight : poets join the fight against hunger with poems about their favorite foods
Forever flowers, The
Girls vs. guys : surprising differences between the sexes
greatest table, The : a banquet to fight against hunger
Hanouka fête des Lumières
Hanuka no akari.
heart is big enough, The : five stories
Here is the entire Michael J. Rosen Bookshelf...
Home : a collaboration of thirty distinguished authors and illustrators of children's books to aid the homeless
Horse people : writers and artists on the horses they love
hound dog's haiku, The : and other poems for dog lovers
Interview with Michael J. Rosen, editor of Down to Earth – Garden Secrets! Garden Stories! Garden Projects You Can Do!
Interview with MJR on Humor, An
Iraija no tenshi : Hanuka to kurisumasu no monogatari.
kid's book of fishing, 1991:, The
Kids' best dog book
Kids' best field guide to neighborhood dogs
kids' book of fishing, The : complete with hook, line, and sinker
May contain nuts : a very loose canon of American humor
[[Mirth of a Nation]]: The Best Contemporary Humor
Miss Rumphius Effect: Poetry Makers- Michael J. Rosen, The
More about Michael and the Resident Pack
More mirth of a nation : the best contemporary humor
More Than You Need to Know about Me and My Work
My bug for everyone who owned, loved, or shared a VW Beetle ..., true tales of the car that defined a generation
My dog! : a kids' guide to keeping a happy and healthy pet
Nekozuki ni sasageru shōto sutōrīzu
Night of the pumpkinheads
No dribbling the squid : octopush, shin kicking, elephant polo, and other oddball sports
Odd medical cures
Of Thurber & Columbustown
One hundred one damnations
Our farm : four seasons with five kids on one family's farm
People have more fun than anybody : a centennial celebration of drawings and writings by James Thurber : being a hundred or so ...
Place hacking : venturing off limits
Poems on paper, 1978
Poetry Friday and Michael J. Rosen: Haiku is for the Birds
Purr-- : children's book illustrators brag about their cats
Sābā ojisan no inu ga ippai
Sailing the unknown : around the world with Captain Cook
school for Pompey Walker, A
Sixty-second encyclopedia
Speak! : children's book illustrators brag about their dogs
Telling things : poems
Three feet small
Traveling in notions : the stories of Gordon Penn
Wacky sports
Weird jobs
With a dog like that, a kid like me--
イライジャの天使 : ハヌカとクリスマスの物語
ドッグ・ピープル : 犬を愛するアメリカの作家と芸術家たち