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Barton, B. S.
Barton, Benjamin S.
Barton, Benjamin Smith
Barton, Benjamin Smith (Dr)
Barton, Benjamin Smith (Professor)
Barton Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Benjamin Barton
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Cullen, William (1710-1790)
Jenks, William (1778-1866)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Konkapot, John
Liebsch (1805))
Persoon, C.H. (1762-1836)
Persoon, Christiaan Hendrik (1762-1836)
Rush, Benjamin (1745-1813))
Salvin, Osbert (1835-1898)
Sterling, Keir B.
Sterling, Keir Brooks
Tipografia Calcográfica, Tipoplástica e Literária do Arco do Cego
Zimmermann, Eberhard August Wilhelm von (1743-1815))
孟, 京辉 (1964-....))
Abhandlung über den Kropf so wie er sich in verschiedenen Theilen von Nordamerica häufig findet
account of the most effectual means of preventing the deleterious consequences of the bite of the Crotalus horridus, or rattle-snake, An : Extracted from the third volume of the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge
Additional facts, observations, and conjectures relative to the generation of the opossum of North-America
Benjamin Smith Barton's, Dr. der Arzneygelahrtheir ..., Abhandlungen über die vermeinte Zauberkraft der Klapperschlange und anderer amerikanischen Schlangen
Brieven van Christiaan Hendrik Persoon (1761/62-1836) aan Benjamin Barton Smith (1766-1815)
chemico-medical essay to explain the operation of oxigene, or the base of vital air on the human body, A
China and the European Union in Africa partners or competitors ?
Collections for an essay towards a materia medica of the United States
Discourse on some of the principal desiderata in natural history and on the best means of promoting the study of this science in the united states
Elements of botany, or Outlines of the natural history of vegetables
Facts, observations and conjectures relative to the generation of the opossum of North-America in a letter from Professor Barton to Mons. Roume, of Paris
Fifteen discourses on the marvellous works in nature delivered by a father to his children: calculated to make mankind feel, in every thing, the very presence of a Supreme Being, and to influence their minds with a permanent delight in, and firm reliance upon, the directions of an almighty, all-good, and all-wise Creator, and Governor. By Charles Christopher Reiche, M.A.
Fragments of the natural history of Pennsylvania
Hints on the etymology of certain English words and on their affinity to words in the languages of different European, Asiatic, and American (Indian) nations
Memoir concerning an animal of the class of reptilia or amphibia which is known in the united states by the names of alligator and hell-bender
Memoir concerning the disease of goitre, as it prevails in different parts of north-america
Memoir concerning the fascinating faculty which has been ascribed to various species of serpents
Memória sobre a bronchocele
New views of the origin of the tribes and nations of America. Selections
Philadelphia medical and physical journal, The
Some account of the Siren lacertina, and other species of the same genus of amphibious animals in a letter from Professor Barton, of Philadelphia, to Mr. John Gottlob Schneider, of Saxony
vocabulary of Stockbridge Mahican, A