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Adams, Georg
Adams, Georg ml
‬Adams‎, ‬George‎
Adams, George ((1750-1795))
Adams, George (the Younger)
Georg Adams
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Damerow, Peter
Jones, William (1763-1831)
Kanmacher, Frederick
Lefèvre, Wolfgang (1941- ))
Lichtenberg, Georg Christoph (1742-1799))
Lodge, John (fl. 1755-1796))
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Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Smit, Jan Willem (Amsterdam)
Tongerlo, Kornelis van (II, Amsterdam)
W. and S. Jones
Adams of Fleet Street, instrument makers to King George III, 2000:
Anweisung zur Erhaltung des Gesichts und zur Kenntniß des Sehens. -
Astronomical and geographical essays
catalogue of mathematical and philosophical instruments, made and sold by George Adams ...
Essay on electricity in which the theory and practice of that useful science are illustrated by a variety of experiments, arranged in a methodical manner, to which is added an essay on magnetism
Essay on the use of the celestial and terrestrial globes exemplified in a greater variety of problems ... exhibiting the general principles of dialing and navigation
Essay on vision briefly explaining the fabric of the eye, and the nature of vision: intended for the service of those whose eyes are weak or impaired: ... by george adams
Essays on the microscope containing a practical description of the most improved microscopes : a general history of insects, their transformations, peculiar habits, and œconomy : an account of the various species and singular properties of the hydræ and vorticellæ : a description of three hundred and seventy-nine animalcula, with a concise catalogue of interesting objects : a view of the organization of timber and the configuration of salts when under the microscope
gentleman's magazine
Geometrical and graphical essays containing a description of the mathematical instruments used in geometry, civil and military surveying, levelling and perspective, with many new problems illustrative of each branch
Geometrische und graphische Versuche : Beschreibung der mathematischen Instrumente, deren man sich in der Geometrie, der Zivil- und Militär-Vermessung, beim Nivellieren und in der Perspektive Bedient
Gronden der starrenkunde, gelegd in het zonnestelzel ... : in eene beschrijving van 't maaksel en gebruik der nieuwe hemel- en aard-globen ...
Instructions for the use of Hadley's quadrant containing, the principles on which that admirable instrument is constructed, with a description and use of the Nonius divisions. As made and sold by George Adams, ... At Tycho Brahe's head in Fleet-Street.
introduction to practical astronomy, or, the use of the quadrant and equatorial, An
Lectures on natural and experimental philosophy, considered in its present state of improvement describing, in a familiar and easy manner, the principal phenomena of nature, and showing that they all co-operate in displaying goodness, wisdom, and power of God : in four volumes
O svojstvě i dějstviâh èlektričeskoj sily vo vračebnoj naukě
Plates for the Essays on the microscope. By George Adams
short dissertation on the barometer, thermometer, and other meteorological instruments together with an account of the prognostic signs of the weather. By George Adams., A
Über einige wichtige Pflichten gegen die Augen. -
Verhandeling over het zien : verklaarende kortlijk den aart van het zien en het zamenstel van het oog ...
Versuch über die Elektricität, worinn Theorie und Ausübung dieser Wissenschaft durch eine Menge methodisch geordneter Experimente erläutert wird, nebst einem Versuch über den Magnet
Vorlesungen über die Experimental-Physik. - 1798 -