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Forbes, J. D.
Forbes, Jack
Forbes, Jack D.
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Language material
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Adams, Howard (1921-2001)
Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development
Far West Laboratory For Educational Research And Development. [Berkeley, Cal.]
Indianerprojektgruppe (Osnabrück)
Martin, Kenneth R.
Powhatan Confederacy Affiliation (see also from)
Rappahannock Tribe Affiliation (see also from)
Risling, David
University of California Davis Campus Affiliation (see also from)
University of Southern California
Zagratzki, Uwe
Africans and Native Americans : the language of race and the evolution of Red-Black peoples
Afro-Americans in the Far West, a handbook for educators by Jacks D. Forbes
american discovery of europe, the
American words : an introduction to those native words used in English in the United States and Canada
Apache, Navaho, and Spaniard, 1960.
Atlas of native history
Aztecas del norte, 1973:
Aztecas del norte; the Chicanos of Aztlan.
Black Africans and native American : color, race, and caste in the evolution of red-black peoples
Black Africans and Native Americans : color, race, and caste in the evolution of red-black peoples
Black Africans and native Americans : racial classification systems and red-black people
Columbus and other cannibals : the wétiko disease of exploitation, imperialism, and terrorism
Columbus & andere Kannibalen die indianische Sicht der Dinge
Columbus und andere Kannibalen
constitutional and legal background for a non-racial human skeletal remains policy for the University of California and other California agencies, The
education of the culturally different: a multi-cultural approach, The
establishment of D-Q Univ., 1972:, The
establishment of D-Q University, The : an example of successful Indian-Chicano community development
Frontiers in American history and the role of the frontier historian
historian and the Indian: racial bias in American history., The
history of the Yuma Indians and Yuma-land to 1821, A
Indian in America's past., The
Mexican-Americans: a handbook for educators
model of "grass-roots" community development, A : the D-Q University native american language education project
Native Amer. of Calif. & Nevada, c1982:
Native American languages : preservation and self-development
Native American philosophy : social & political implications
Native Americans and Nixon : presidential politics and minority self-determination, 1969-1972
Native Americans of California and Nevada: a handbook
Nevada Indians speak.
only approved indians: stories
Papago-Apache Treaty of 1853, The : property rights and religious liberties of the ʻOʼodham, Maricopa, and other native peoples
Racism, scholarship, and cultural pluralism in higher education
Red blood. CIP.
Religious freedom and the protection of Native American places of worship and cemeteries
Tribes and masses : explorations in red, white, and black
Wapanakamikok language relationships : an introductory study of mutual intelligibility among the Powhatan, Lanape, Natick, Nanticoke, and Otchipwe languages
Warriors of the Colorado, the Yumas of the Quechan nation and their neighbors, by Jack D. Forbes
Wétiko-Seuche, Die : eine indianische Philosophie von Aggression und Gewalt
Wétiko-Seuche e. indian. Philosophie von Aggression u. Gewalt, Die
world rules by cannibals, A : the wetiko disease of aggression, violence, and imperialism
Thesis (M.A.)--University of Southern California, 1957