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Simpson, C.
Simpson, Chr
Simpson, Christopher
Simpson, Christopher (musicien)
Simpson, Cristopher
Sympson, Christopher
1602 vai 6-1669
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Ashworth, Jack
Beecher, Donald
Bégou, Geneviève
Campion, Thomas (1567-1620)
Cunningham, Caroline (1925-)
Jenkins, John (1592-1678)
Lawes, William (1602-1645)
Ortiz, Diego (ca1510-1570.)
Playford, John (1623-1686?)
Rogers, Benjamin (1614-1698)
Stoltzfus, Ila H.
Voix humaines (Groupe musical)
13 divisions : 9variations)
[16th-17th century music MSS of the Oxford music school]
22 dances
[Air sans texte à 1 v. et b. c.] (Tunes for the treble violin, by letters [tablature] and notes)
[Air sans texte à 4 v.] (Tunes for the treble violin, by letters [tablature] and notes)
art de la viole de gambe [Enregistrement sonore], L'
Bagpipes from Hell [SR] p2000:
Bergamesca, La
Bonny sweet Robin (3 min 02 s)
Breaking the ground music from Christopher Simpson's The division-violist.
brief introduction to the skill of musick, in three books. The first, A : the grounds and rules of musick... The second : instructions for the bass-viol, and also for the treble-violin... by John Playford, ... The third : the art of descant... by Dr. Tho. Campion, with annotations thereon by Mr. C. Simpson
brief introduction to the skill of musick: in three books. The first: The grounds and rules of mvsick, according to the gam-ut and other principles thereof. The second: Instructions for the bass-viol, and also for the treble-violin: vvith lessions for beginners., A
Chelys, minuritionum artificio exornata, sive minuritiones ad basin, etiam ex tempore modulandi ratio, in tres partes distributa
Chelys, minuritionum artificio exornata: sive, Minuritiones ad basin, etiam ex tempore modulanti ratio. : In tres partes distributa : Divided into three parts ..
[Chelys minuritionum artificio exornata] The division viol.
compendium of practical musick in five parts ... 1667:, A
Compendium of pratical Musick in five parts. Teaching, by a New, and easie Method. Together with Lessons for Viols, etc. By Christopher Simpson..., A
compendium: or, Introduction to practical musick., A
Contrivance of Canon, The
Deux menuets
Division-viol (1665) Faksimile, The
division-viol (1665), The : Faksimile
division-viol or the art of playing ex tempore upon a ground a lithographic facsimile of the second edition (1667), The
division-viol ou L'art d'improviser sur un ground (basse donnée), The
division-violist, or, An introduction to the playing upon a ground, The
Divisions for trebele viol, bass viol & keyboard
Divisions for treble viol/tenor recorder, bass viol & keyboard
Divisions for two bass viols on a ground : (with keyboard ralization)
Divisions on a ground in B b major
Divisions upon a ground in E minor (from The division viol) for bass viol and keyboard
Example in chords
Fantasia No. 14 (3 min 20 s)
Fantasy No. 3 (2 min 26 s)
form of figurate Descant, The
Four seasons
Give laud unto the Lord (Ps. 148) (Long tunes)
In nomine (2 min 02 s)
Introduction to the playing upon a ground
Introduction to the skill of musick..., by John Playford, to which is added the Art of descant or composing musick in parts, by Dr Tho Campion, with annotatiois [sic] thereon by Mr Chr. Simpson, An
introduction to the skill of musick, in two books., An
January : for violin, two bass viols and continuo
king's delight (Tunes for the treble violin, by letters [tablature] and notes), The
Little consort : suite II in G major
Maiden fair (Tunes for the treble violin, by letters [tablature] and notes)
method of ordering division to a ground, the
monthes, the
months, The : for treble viol (violin), two bass viols, and keyboard
Music for a viol [SR] 1987?:
Music for bass viols
Musical ornamentation
Musickes sweetest joyes
New tune
O Lord, consider my distresse (Ps. 51) (Long tunes)
of the viol it self, with instructions how to play upon it
Oxford music school collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, The
passion of Musicke (4 min 06 s), The
Performing version
Principles of composition, The
principles of practical musick delivered. -, The
principles of practical mvsick delivered in a compendious, easie, and new method., The
Recercada : (Nr. 2) : Verzierungen über den Sopran der Chanson "Dolce memoire" von Sandrin
[Ricercares. Sandrin, Pierre. Doulce memoire]
Rudiments of song, The
seasons. for treble viol & 2 bass viols with organ continuo, The
seasons, The : for two bass-viols and a treble with a through-bass for the harpsicord or organ : XVIIe siècle
seasons, the monthes & other divisions of time, The
[Sonata in G major]
Step stately (Tunes for the treble violin, by letters [tablature] and notes)
Suite : 2 descant and 1 treble (or tenor) recorder
Suite No. 2
[Suiten, Fl 1 2 3 C-Dur]. -
Trattado de glosas ....
Twelve Lessons on the viola da gamba, by Nathalie Dolmetsch, with advice by Christopher Simpson 1659, Thomas Mace 1676, Marin Marais 1686, Jean Rousseau 1687, Hubert Le Blanc 1740
Twenty-two dances for two violins (treble viols), bass viol and keyboard (or other instruments SSB)
use of the concords, or a compendium of descant
Ut, ré, mi, fa, sol, la
Variationen über zwei Bassthemen [Division Nr. 6 aus "The Division-Violist" (1659)"]
Variations sur une basse
Viole de gambe, 3e cycle, vol. 1