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Overmars, M. H.
Overmars, Mark
Overmars, Mark H.,
Overmars, Markus Hendrik
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Berg, Mark de (1966-)
Berg, Mark Theodoor (1966-)
Department of Computer Science (Utrecht)
Egges, Arjan
Guibas, Leonidas
Guibas, Leonidas J.
Halperin, D.
Halperin, Dan
Kreveld, Marc J. van (1966-)
Kreveld, Marc Johan (1966-)
Rijks-Universiteit te Utrecht
Sharir, Micha
Smid, Michiel H.M.
Smid, Michiel Henri Marie
Stappen, A.F. van der (1964-)
Stappen, Arnoldus Franciscus (1964-)
Švestka, P. (1968-1999)
Švestka, Petr (1968-1999)
Welzl, Emo
Algorithms for fixture design
Algorithms for robotic motion and manipulation : 1996 Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
Approximating generalized Voronoi diagrams in any dimension
balanced search tree with O(1) worst-case update time, A
complexity of the free space for a robot moving amidst fat obstacles, The
Computation of Voxel maps containing tool access directions for machining free-form shapes
Computational geometry and its application to computer graphics
Computational geometry on a grid : an overview
Computing and verifying depts orders
Concatenable segment trees
Concatenable structures for decomposable problems
Connectability problems
Construction of sparse visibility graphs
Coordinated path planning for multiple robots
Counting and reporting intersections in arrangements of line segments
Data structures in a real-time environment
design of dynamic data structures, 1983:, The
Divided k-d trees
Dominance in the presence of obstacles
Dynamic motion planning in low obstacle density environments
Dynamic partition trees
Efficient data structures for range searching on a grid
Efficient hidden surface removal for objects with small union size
Efficient motion planning for an L-shaped object
exact fitting problem in higher dimensions, The
Finding complete bipartite subgraphs in bipartite graphs
Finding minimum area k-gons
Freedom shape machining using Minkowski operations
game maker's apprentice, The : game development for beginners
Games ontwerpen met Game Maker
Geometric data structures for computer graphics : an overview
Geometric eccentricity and the complexity of manipulation plans
Hidden surface removal for axis-parallel polyhedra
Immobilizing polygons against a wall
improved technique for output-sensitive hidden surface removal, An
input-size/output-size trade-off in the time-complexity of rectilinear hidden surface removal, An
Intersecting line segments, ray shooting and other applications of geometric partitioning techniques
Intersection queries in curved objects
Intersection queries in sets of disks
Maintaining range trees in secondary memory..
Merging visibility maps
MIG 2008
MIG 2009
Minimum-link c-oriented path queries
Motion in games : first international workshop, MIG 2008, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 14-17, 2008 : revised papers
Motion in games : second international workshop, MIG 2009, Zeist, The Netherlands, November 21-24, 2009 ; proceedings
Motion planning for car-like robots using a probabilistic learning approach
Motion planning in environments with low obstacle density
Motion planning using a colored kohonen network
n2-Hard problems in computational geometry
New methods for computing visibility graphs : extended abstract
New results on binary space partitions in the plane
New upper bounds in Klee's measure problem : (extended abstract)
Partitioning range trees
Perfect binary space partitions
Point location in fat subdivisions
probabilistic learning approach to motion planning, A
Probablistic path planning
random approach to motion planning, A
Range searching and point location among fat objects
Ranking intervals under visibility constraints
Ray shooting, implicit point location, and related queries in arrangements of segments
Robot motion planning in unknown environments using neural networks
Searching for empty convex polygons
Sets without empty convex 6-gons
simple output-sensitive algorithm for hidden surface removal, A
Spheres, molecules, and hidden surface removal
Storing line segments in partition trees
Teaching computational geometry
The design of dynamic data structures. Date (1958-).
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Thesis (doctoral)--Rijks-Universiteit te Utrecht