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Faurer, Louis
Faurer, Louis (American photographer, 1916-2001)
Louis Faurer
Creation class: 
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Related names: 
Alexander, Stuart (1955-...)
Harrison, Martin (1945-...)
Hostetler, Lisa
Jameson, Kathleen V.
Museum of Fine Arts (Houston)
Tucker, Anne (1945-)
Tucker, Anne Wilkes (1945-)
15 th. and Market Streets [photographie]
42nd Steet, El Station [photographie]
Accident, Lexington Avenue between 51rst & 52nd St., N.Y. [photographie]
am paralyzed [photographie], I
Barnum & Bailey Circus : dressing room, Madison Square Garden, New York [photographie]
Bus n° 7, NY [photographie]
Caress on Busy [photographie]
Champion [photographie]
Cloche, Times Square area, New York [photographie]
Collage, New York [photographie]
Collage : Philadelphia savings fund Society [photographie]
Construction site, Madison Avenue [photographie]
Daddy Warbucks, New York [photographie]
First photograph for "Junior Bazaar" [photographie]
Freudian Hand Clasp New York [photographie]
[George Barrows in Robert Frank's loft] [photographie]
Give my regards to Broadway (George M. Cohan) [photographie]
Globe Theater [photographie]
[Happy] [photographie]
Hell's kitchen, New York [photographie]
Homage to Mark Faurer [photographie]
Homage to Muybridge [photographie]
Horn and Hardart 14th Street [photographie]
Ideal Theater [photographie]
Indian Summer 42nd Street [photographie]
Irt Lexington Line, New York [photographie]
Louis Faurer ; notices par Stuart Alexander, 1992
Louis Faurer [photographies]
Marché aux Puces, Paris [photographie]
Mary and Robert, San Gennaro festival [photographie]
New York [photographie]
[Night of Clio awards] [photographie]
NY NY [photographie]
Paris métro [photographie]
Park Avenue Garage [photographie]
People watching Pompidou's funeral on the rue Saint Louis en l'Isle [photographie]
Philadelphia, Mark Faurer [photographie]
Photograph of bowing lady exposed for Vogue collections Paris 1972 [photographie]
Rat Race New York [photographie]
[Recueil. Photographies originales. Oeuvre de Louis Faurer]
Repaving of Times Square, New York [photographie]
Ritz bar, New York [photographie]
Robert and Mary Frank, New York [photographie]
Robert Frank in a pin striped suit [photographie]
Roof of Newell art galleries, New York [photographie]
Silent Salesman, Philadelphia [photographie]
Social patron, New York [photographie]
Staten Island Ferry [photographie]
Sunday [photographie]
Third Avenue Elevated 53 rd. & Third Avenue,New York [photographie]
Times Square, New York [photographie]
Union Square New York [photographie]
United Nations, New York [photographie]
Untitled, Paris [photographie]
Wall mural in cafeteria, Eigth Avenue & 57th St., New York [photographie]