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George F. Root
Root, G. F.
Root, Geo. F.
Root, George F.
Root, George Frederick
Wurzel, G. Friedrich
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Bradbury, William B. (1816-1868)
Bradbury, William Batchelder (1816-1868)
Dudley, S. H.
Hanby, Benjamin Russel (1833-1867)
Martin, Dennis R. (1951-)
Stanley, Frank C. (1868-1910)
Tóth, Miro
Washburn, Henry Stevenson (1813-1903)
Webster, Joseph Philbrick (1819-1875)
Work, Henry C. (1832-1884)
Work, Henry Clay (1832-1884)
Zmožek, Jiří (1943-)
ask no more; song and chorus, I
battle cry of freedom, The : rally 'round the flag, boys
battle of cry of freedom, The
Bright eyed little Nell of Narragansett bay : a ballad of the forecastle
choir and congregation: A collection of music, on a new plan, The
Daniel; or The captivity and restoration; a sacred cantata. In three parts.
Daniel. Voice score. English [from old catalog]
Democracy forever!
Departed days : song & chorus
Diapason: A collection of church music., The
Don't : a friendly attempt to correct some prevalent errors in musical terminology
Edison sheet music collection
Evangel special sacred songs
Father Abraham's reply to the 600,000!
Favorite songs. English and Bohemian words
Festival glee book: A collection of part songs, accompanied and harmonized melodies and glees, together with the operatic cantata of The Haymakers., The
Flee as a Bird
flower queen; or The coronation of the rose., The
forest choir., The
Glory: A collection of new music for singing classes, musical conventions and choirs., The
Glory! Glory!
Guide for pianoforte.
haymakers, The
hazel dell, The : song and chorus
It's a long, long way to Tipperary, 19-- :
Just after the battle, mother [from old catalog]
Just after the battle; song & chorus.
Just before the battle mother
Just over the mountain or, The sweet summer land of the soul.
Kiss me, mother, kiss your darling; song and chorus.
Libretto containing the words entire of Daniel;
Männerchor, The : a collection of music for men's voices, preceded by brief elementary instruction and lessons, suited both for quartet and chorus singing
Mary of the glen
musical album: a vocal class book for female seminaries ..., The
Musical catechism in a nutshell.
musical curriculum, The : for piano-forte playing, singing, and harmony : containing progressive exercises, pieces, songs, and technics, in all the keys, in which are studied chords and their progressions, transpositions and accompanying : to which is prefixed a glossary of musical terms and signs
musical fountain, enlarged; a collection of temperance music, for public and school meetings and the home circle., The
My beau that went to Canada.
National school singer.
new Choir and congregation: A collection of hymns, tunes, anthems, chants, and responsive services ..., The
new flower queen; or the coronation of the rose. A cantata in two parts., The
New musical curriculum, 1889.
Newland/Zeuner collection
On, on, on, the boys came marching!, or, The prisoner free : song & chorus : sequel to "Tramp, tramp, tramp"
On to victory
Only four; song and chorus
Our song birds.
palace of song., The
Pán Bůh je láska. [nejkrásnější písně křesťanských kancionálů]
Phyllis, the farmer's daughter.
Pilgrim fathers., The
Právě před bojem, matičko
Prisoners hope
Prize. A collection of songs, hymns, chants, anthems and concert pieces for the Sunday School, The
Rally 'round the flag, boys
realism of song., The
repertoire., The
road to slumber-land., The
Rock me to sleep, mother; ballad.
Root's harmony and composition ...
Root's Sacred Choral: or, The Baltimore collection of church music.
Rosalie, the prairie flower.
Sabbath Bell, a collection of music for choirs, musical associations, singing-schools, and the home circle, ..., The
School for the melodeon, harmonium, and cabinet organ, c1863:
Should auld acquaintance
silver lute., The
song messenger of the North-West, extra., The
Song messenger of the Northwest, extra.
song tournament., The
story of a musical life; an autobiography., The
teacher's club..., The
The flower queen, or, The coronation of the rose. G.F. Root.
There's music in the air.
Three grand choruses from "New Song Era."
To Harriet
To Harriett [sic]
Tramp! tramp! tramp! : The prisoners hope
Treble Clef Choir. A collection of music for female voices., The
Triumph: A collection of music containing an introductory course for congregational singing, ... and tunes, hymns, anthems and chants for choirs. ..., The
Under the palms : a scripture cantata
Under the palms, or the flower feast. A cantata for the Sunday-School and choir.
Union forever, hurrah
Vacant Chair, or, We shall meet but we shall miss him : (Thanksgiving, 1861)
vacant chair, The
War songs;
way is long my darling., The
Yes, we'll rally 'round the flag, boys