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Rastall, John
Rastel, John
Rastell, Johannes
Rastell, John
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Language material
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author of afterword, colophon
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English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fischer, Julius (1876-)
Fischer, Julius Theodor (1876-)
Heywood, John (ca. 1497-ca. 1580.)
Levis, Howard Coppuck
Rastell, John -1536
Rastell, William (ca1508-1565.)
Sidgwick, Frank
Tostado González, Rubén
Tottel, Richard -1594
Calisto and Melebea (Celestina the beauty and good properties of women)
cronycles of Englande and dyvers other realmes. - s.a., The
dyaloge of Syr Thomas More knyghte ..., A : wherin be treatyd dyuers maters, as of the veneration & worshyp of ymagys & relyques, prayng to sayntys & goyng o[n] pylgrymage, wyth many othere thyngys touchyng the pestylent sect of Luther and Tyndale, by the tone bygone in Saxony, and by the tother laboryd to be brought in to Englond.
exposition of certaine difficult and obscure words and termes of the lawes of this realme., An
Expositiones terminorum legum Anglorum.
expositions of the termes of the lawes of Englande, The : with dyuers proper rules and principles of the lawe, aswell out of the bookes of Master Littleton, as of other
Gentleness and nobility
Interludio de Calisto y Melibea : estudio, traduccion y notas
John Rastell, 1983:
Liber assisarum [et] placitorum corone.
Nature of the four elements
New boke of purgatory, a
new commodye in Englysh in maner of an enterlude ryght elygant
Of gentylnes and nobylyte
Pastyme of people
table cõteynant en sommarie les choses notables en La graunde abridgement., La
Termes de la ley
Year books (Edward III : 1327-1377)