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Wold, H.
Wold, Herman,
Wold, Herman O.
Wold, Herman O. A.
Wold, Herman Ole Andreas
Wold, Herman Olle Andreas
Wold, Hermann
ウォルド, ヘルマン
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Bergström, Reinhold
Dalenius, Tore
International Statistical Institute
Juréen, Lars (1914-)
Lyttkens, Ejnar (1916-90)
Malmquist, Sten (1917-)
Mosbaek, Ernest J.
Noonan, Richard
Statistiska Institutionen Affiliation (see also from)
University of Göteborg. Department of Statistics
Uppsala : University
Whittle, Peter (1927-...)
森田, 優三 (1901-1994)
Análisis de la de demanda : un estudio de econometriá
Aspects opératoires des modèles économétriques et sociologiques
Bibliography on time series and stochastic process : an international team project
Bibliography on time series and stochastic processes : an international team project
case study of interdependent vs. causal chain systems, A
Causality and econometrics
Construction principles of simultaneous equations models in econometrics
Demand analysis : a study in econometrics
Demand functions and the integrability condition
Det svenska samhället i statistisk belysning
Econometric model building : essays on the casual chain approach
Econometric model building : essays on the causal chain approach
Efterfrågan på jordbruksprodukter och dess känlighet för pris- och inkomstföräandringar : en ekonomisk-statistisk studie
Efterfrågan på jordbruksprodukter och dess känslighet för pris- och inkomstförändringar : en ekonomisk-statistisk studie
Essays on econometrics and planning : presented to professor P.C. Mahalanobis on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Fix-point approach to interdependent systems, 1980 (a.e.), The
Fix-point estimation in theory and practice
Forecasting on a scientific basis : proceedings of an international summer institute held in Curia, Portugal, September 1966.
Huvudlinjer och grundbegrepp i statistiken
Interdependent systems : structure and estimation
Juyō bunseki : Keiryō keizaigakuteki kenkyū
Landsbygdens brandförsäkringsbolags maximaler och återförsäkring.
Mål och medel i tillämpad statistik
Mergers of economics and philosophy of science : a cruise in deep seas and shallow waters : symposium of papers in "Synthese": models and causation in economic theory ; final manuscript
Model building in the human sciences
Model construction and evaluation when theoretical knowledge is scarce : an example of the use of partial least squares
NIPALS path modelling with latent variables.
Nonlinear estimation by iterative least square procedures
On infinite, non-negative definite, hermitian Matrices, and corresponding linear equation systems
Orientering i det statistiska arbetsfältet
Path models with one or two latent variate aggregates : the NIPALS [Nonlinear Iterative PArtial Least Squares] approach
Predictive modeling of large systems : the FP and PLS approaches.
Random normal deviates : 25,000 items compiled from Tract no. XXIV, M.G. Kendall and B. Babington Smith's Tables of random sampling numbers.
Scientists at work. Festschrift in honour of Herman Wold.
Series cronólogicas estacionarias, 1951:
Soft modelling by latent variables : the NIPALS [Nonlinear Interative PArtial Least Squares] approach
Soft modelling : intermediate between traditional model building and data analysis.
Statistical Tests of H. Alfvén's theory of sunspots
study in the analysis of stationary time series, A
study in the analysiss of stationary time series, A
synthesis of pure demand analysis, A : dedicated to Prof. Harald Cramér, on the occasion of his 50th birthday September 25th 1943 ; Demand functions and the integrability condition
Systems under indirect observation, 1982:
Systems under indirect observation : casuality, structure, prediction
Systems under indirect observation : causality, structure, prediction
technical study on reinsurance, A : [Rubr.].
technique des modèles dans les sciences humaines, La : entretiens de Monaco en sciences humaines, [3e] session [, 23 au 27 mai] 1964
Theoretical empiricism : a general rationale for scientific model-building
Time series and stochastic processes
Toward a verdict on macroeconomic simultaneous equations.
Trabalhos do seminário de econometria
Unbiased predictors on the transition from tacit to explicit allowance for residual errors in explanatory models.
Zweedse week, Een
需要分析 : 計量経済学的研究
Diss. Uppsala : University