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Clymer, R. S.
Clymer, R. Swinburne
Clymer, Reuben S.
Clymer, Reuben Swinburne
Swinburne Clymer, Reuben
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Anderson, Lewis H.
Phelon, W. P.
Phelon, William P.
Randolph, Paschal Beverly (1825-1874)
Ricchio, Paul P.
Rose cross aid
Schüssler, Wilhelm Heinrich (1821-1898)
Stranden, Dīmītriĭ Vladīmirovīch [from old catalog]
Verdier, Marguerite Louise
Witt, Clara Mrs
Æth mystery;, The
age of treason;, The
book of Rosicruciæ;, The
Christisis; a course of study in higher soul culture as a means to awaken the mind to the truth, the way and the life; then directing the faculties of the awakened mind to bring about soul consciousness, better known as Christification.
compendium of occult laws;, A
constitution of Temple supreme grand lodge of the universe, The
Diet, a key to health; the selection and combination of foods for the prevention or cure of disease
divine law, the path to mastership; a full explanation of the laws governing the inner development necessary to attain to philosophic initiation or mastership, together with a detailed account of the Priests of Æth or Priesthoodof Melchizedek., The
divine spark, and The great pyramid, a temple of initiation;, The
fraternitatis Rosae Crucis, The : an attempt to harmonize the spirit of the writings of those who are known to have been Rosicrucians and a comparison of the statements of those recognized as authorities
fraternity of the Rosicrucians, their teachings and mysteries according to the manifestoes issued at various times by the fraternity itself. Also, some of their secret teachings and the mystery of the order explained., The
Fraternity of the Rosierucians. English. [from old catalog]
gods. The immaculate conception., The
"Grand grimore;", The
Great work
hidden teachings of the initiate masters, The : the simplified arcane, esoteric and occult teachings of the initiates and masters in the initiatory schools of past ages : the interpretation of the divine law which governs in the new order of the ages
How to create the perfect baby : by means of the art or science generally known as stirpiculture, or prenatal culture and influence in the development of a more perfect race
illuminated faith; the Christic interpretation of the Gospel of St. Matthew, The
immortality of love, The : unveiling the secret arcanum of affectional alchemy
imperialistic council of the magi ..., The
International esoteric and illuminated Bible lessons.
international system of magnetic (alchemic) therapeutics ..., The
interpretation of St. John: an exposition of the divine drama; the Nazarene's life, and what it teaches to man. The glory or tragedy of man's soul in the exercise of its inherent capability to become divine, The
interpretation of St. Matthew; an impartial interpretation of the Divine laws taught in the book of St. Matthew directing the seeker on the path to the way of life, to spiritual light, and the ultimate complete freedom of man., The
Making health certain; a philosophical and inspirational treatise on the establishment and maintenance of health through a constructive mental attitude.
Manual, order of service and ritual; prepared especially for the priests and ministers consecrated and ordained to the service of God, in the priesthood of Melchizedek and Church of Illumination
master initiate and the maid, The : the story of a trip through Yellowstone Park ; the awakening of a maid to a great love ; the display of remarkable power by an occult initiate, and the teaching of an initiate master
mysteries of Osiris or ancient Egyptian initiation, The : setting forth the symbolism, mythology, legends and parables beginning with the outer religious systems of the Egyptians, primarily based on the drama of heavens ; together with the inner or esoteric interpretations as taught in the lesser and greater mysteries active troughout the ages, including the present
mystery of sex and race regeneration; a sane, sensible and reasonable approach to the ... problem of sex from the natural, moral and religious aspects and having the regeneration of the race in view., The
Mystic Americanism : or, The spiritual heritage of America revealed : from the works of R. S. Clymer and Grace Kincaid Morey
mysticism of masonry, The : the key to the correct interpretation of masonic symbolism, one harmonious with both the ancient Osirian teachings and those of the new dispensation
natura physician, The : inculcating the Natura system of therapeutics for the prevention and elimination of disease
Nature's healing agents the medicines of nature (or the natura system)
Occult science;
Our story of Atlantis : written down for the hermetic brotherhood and the future rulers of America
philosophy of fire ..., The
philosophy of immortality, The : known also as the philosophy of a beautiful life. Teachings of a sublime philosophy, a morality of virgin purity ; a spiritual concept which, if lived, will enable mortal man, a son of the earth, to become a son of God, knowning both good and evil ; immortalizing himself by choosing the good
Race regeneration, the mystery of sex; a course of instruction on the right use of sex
Ravalette the Rosicrucian's story
Rose cross aid cook book; containing instructions in the art of cooking and the correct combination of foods. Taught by the Rose cross aid school while in session at "Beverly hall.", The
Rose Cross order; a short sketch of the history of the Rose Cross order in America, together with a sketch of the life of Dr. P. B. Randolph, the founder of the order ..., The
Rosicrucian fraternity in America; authentic and spurious organizations ..., The
Rosy cross : its teachings : the fraternitatis rosae crucis ; the door into the august fraternity
science of spiritual alchemy, The : a semi-private text especially prepared for neophytes entering the August Fraternity for study and training : all interpretations and statements made are based on the religious standpoint and the highest spiritual concepts by a dedicated servant of God
science of the soul; the art and science of building an illuminated and immortal soul; the method for the attainment of soul or cosmic consciousness and oneness with God; the spiritual ethics for the new age, The
secret schools, members of the Confederation of initiates (registered), The
Seership, guide to soul sight; a practical guide for those who aspire to develop the vision of the soul; the magic mirror and how to use it
Son of God. The mystical teachings of the masters;, The
Soul ! the soul-world the homes of the dead
Thomsonian system of medicine
Three sevens; a story of ancient initiation
True spiritualism;
unknown members of the council of three, The : a text specially prepared for those no longer satisfied with the world of matter and temporal affairs and seeking spiritual reality, and for those on the path and well on the way to soul consciousness and spiritual initiation
Vaccination brought home to you ... 1904.
way to Goodhood;, The
way to happiness; a positive inspirational philosophy developing an optimism that even misfortune cannot obliterate., The
way to life and immortality; a positive philosophy leading man away from "sin" ... and to manhood, successful achievement, godliness and immortality., The
way to life and immortality; a text-book on the new life that shall lead man from weakness, disease, and death, to freedom from these things., The
Your health, your sanity in the age of treason : food and liquids used as a medium in deliberately and carefully planned methods developed by the vicious element of humanity, for the mental deterioration and moral debasement of the mass, as a means toward their enslavement : based on their own admission and the methods already confessedly employed : destroy a man's reason, and he is no longer a human being ; nothing remains important or sacred to him