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Lull, R. S.
Lull, Rich. Swan
Lull, Richard S.,
Lull, Richard Swann
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Baitsell, George Alfred (1885-)
Conklin, Edwin Grant (1863-1952)
Hatcher, J. B. (1861-1904)
Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)
Marsh, Othniel Charles
New Haven, Yale Univ
Parker, George Howard (1864-1955)
Woodruff, Lorande Loss (1879-1947)
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944)
Wright, Nelda E. (1901-)
Wright, Nelda Emelyn (1901-)
Yale university. Othniel Charles Marsh publication fund
Ancient man ... 1928.
Biographical memoir, Samuel Wendell Williston, 1852-1918.
Ceratopsia, The : based on preliminary studies by Othniel C. Marsh
[Collected papers, reprints, etc. in paleontology].
Creation by evolution; a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Cretaceous armored dinosaur, "Nodosaurus testilis" Marsh, by Richad Swann Lull,..., The
Dinosaurian distribution, by Richard S. Lull
evolution of man, The
evolution of the earth and its inhabitants; a series delivered before the Yale chapter of the Sigma xi during the academic year 1916-1917, The
evolution of the elephant ..., The
Fauna of the Dallas sand pits, by Richard Swann Lull...
Fossil dolphin from California, by Richard Swann Lull...
Fossil footprints from the grand Canyon of the Colorado, by Richard Swann Lull,...
fossil footprints of the jura-trias of north america
Fossils; what they tell us of plants and animals of the past
Ground sloth, "Nothrotherium". Richard Swann Lull, The
Hadrosaurian dinosaurs of North America
life of the Connecticut trias, The
Mammals and horned dinosaurs of the Lance formation of Niobrara county, Wyoming, by Richard Swann Lull..., The
Mammut Americanum in Connecticut, by Charles Schuchert, with a note on the Farmington specimen, by Richard S. Lull...
Mineral and Grant counties
New camels in the Marsh collection, by Richard S. Lull
New tertiary artiodactyls, by Richard Swann Lull...
On the functions of the "Sacral brain" in Dinosaurs by Richard Swann Lull...
Organic evolution, a text book
Organic evolution : revised edition with numerous emendations
Pleistocene ground sloth, "Mylodon harlani", from Rock creek, Texas, by Richard Swann Lull..., A
Primitive Pecora in the Yale museum, by Richard S. Lull...
remarkable ground sloth., A
Restoration of paleolithic man, by Richard Swann Lull...
revision of the ceratopsia or horned dinosaurs, a
sauropod dinosaur Barosaurus Marsh, redescription of the type specimens in the Peabody Museum, Yale University, The
Skeleton of Camarasaurus lentus recently mounted at Yale. Richard S. Lull...
"Stegosaurus ungalatus" Marsh, recently mounted at the Peabody Museum of Yale University, by Richard S. Lull...
Triassic life of the Connecticut valley, by Richard Swann Lull,...
Upper carboniferous footprint from Attleboro, Massachusetts, by Richard Swann Lull..., An
ways of life, the
Auch als: American journal of science ; 29
New Haven, Yale Univ., Diss., 1910