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Braj Basi Lal
Lal, B. B.
Lal, Braj B.
Lal, Braj Basi
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writer of accompanying material
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Archaeological Survey of India
Archaeology of the Rāmayāna Sites (Project)
Danino, Michel (1956-..)
Gupta, S. P. (1931-2007)
Gupta, Swarajya Prakash (1931-..)
Gupta, Swarajya Prakash (1931-2007)
Joshi, Jagat Pati
Saraswat, K. S.
Sinha, D. K.
Wheeler, Mortimer (1890-1976)
Bharadvāja Āśrama
earliest civilization of South Asia, The : rise, maturity, and decline
Excavation at Śṛiṅgaverapura: (1977-86)
Excavations at Bharadvāja Āśrama : (with a note on the exploration at Chitrakūṭa)
Excavations at Kalibangan, the early Harappans, 1960-1969
Excavations at Śr̥iṅgaverapura, 1977-86
Facets of Indian civilization : recent perspectives : essays in honour of Prof. B.B. Lal
Frontiers of the Indus civilization : Sir Mortimer Wheeler commemoration volume
Historicity of the Mahābhārata : evidence of literature, art, and archaeology
Homeland of the Aryans. Evidence of Rigvedic Flora and Fauna & Archaeology, The
homeland of the Aryans, The : evidence of Ṛigvedic flora and fauna & archaeology
homelands of the Aryans, The
How deep are the roots of Indian civilization? : archaeology answers
How Deep Are the Roots of Indian Civilzation?: Archaeology Answers
Inde et l'invasion de nulle part le dernier repaire du mythe aryen, L'
India 1947-1997 : new light on the Indus civilization
Indian archaeology since Independence. B. B. Lal. Foreword by Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri,...
Indian civilization?
Indian Rock Paintings: Their Chronology, Technique and Preservation
Kalibangan, the early Harappans, 1960-1969
Memoirs of an archaeologist
On the Most Frequently Used Sign in the Indus Script
Only Asian Expedition in Threatened Nubia: Work by an Indian Mission at Afyeh and Tumas, The
Piecing together : memoirs of an archaeologist
Rāma, his historicity, mandir, and setu : evidence of literature, archaeology, and other sciences
Sarasvatī flows on, The : the continuity of Indian culture
Studies in Early and Mediaeval Indian Ceramics: Some Glass and Glasslike Artefacts from Bellary, Kolhapur, Maski, Nasik and Maheshwar
Weathering and Preservation of Stone Monuments Under Tropical Conditions: Some Case Histories