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Adams, George
Adams, George (the Elder)
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Jefferson Exhibit Collection (Library of Congress)
Jones, William (1763-1831)
Motoki, Yoshinaga (1735-1794)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sugimoto, Tsutomu (1927-)
本木良永, 1735 (1794)
杉本つとむ, 1927-
Adams of Fleet Street, 2000:
catalogue of optical, philosophical, and mathematical instruments, made and sold by George Adams, mathematical instrument-maker to His Majesty, at Tycho Brahe's Head, (No. 60.) Fleet-Street, London, A
description and use of a new sea quadrant, for taking the altitude of the sun from the visible horizon; ... Invented, made, and sold by George Adams, The
description and use of the universal trigonometrical octant, invented and applied to Hadley's quadrant by George Adams, The
Geometrical and graphical essays
library of George Adams, 1988:, The
Micrographia illustrata, or, The microscope explained in several new inventions : particularly of a new variable microscope for examining all sorts of minute objects : and also of a new camera obscura microscope, designed for drawing all minute objects, either by the light of the sun or by a lamp in winter evenings, to great perfection : with a description of all the other microscopes now in use : likewise, a natural history of aerial, terrestrial, and aquatic animals, &c., considered as microscopic objects
Microscope explained in several new inventions
Plates to the geometrical and graphical essays
Tenmon rekigaku shoshū
Treatise describing and explaining the construction and use of new celestial and terrestrial globes.
Treatise describing and explaining the use of new celestial and terrestrial globes, 1766:
treatise describing the construction, and explaining the use, of new celestial and terrestrial globes. Designed to illustrate, in the most easy and natural manner, the phoenomena of the earth and heavens, and to shew the correspondence of the two spheres. With a great variety of astronomical and geographical problems., A