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Lover of his country
Smith, Guillaume
Smith, W.
Smith, William
Smith, William ((Episcopalian priest))
Smith, William Loughton
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress)
Cato (see also from)
Chalmers, George (1742-1825))
Chalmers, James (1727?-1806))
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804))
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Smith, William (1727-1803)
West, Benjamin
address to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, in the case of the violated charter, of the College, Academy, and Charitable School of Philadelphia, &c., An
Ahiman Rezon.
American magazine
Answer to mr. franklin's remarks, on a late protest
Antwort auf Hrn. Fränklins Anmerckungen über ein ohnlängst herausgekommenes Protestations-Schreiben
Bouquet's Campaigns
Brief history of the rise and progress of the charitable scheme
Brief state of the province of pennsylvania in which the conduct of their assemblies for several years past is impartially examined, and the true cause of the continual encroachments of the french displayed, more especially the secret design of their late unwarrantable invasion and settlement upon the river ohio. to which is annexed, an easy plan for restoring quiet in the public measures of that province, and defeating the ambitious views of the french in time to come. in a letter from a gentleman who has resided many years in pennsylvania to his friend in london
Brief view of the conduct of pennsylvania, for the year 1755 so far as it affected the general service of the british colonies, particularly the expedition under the late general braddock. with an account of the shocking inhumanities committed by incursions of the indians upon the province in october and november; which occasioned a body of the inhabitants to come down, while the assembly were sitting, and to insist upon an immediate suspension of all disputes, and the passing of a law for the defence of the country. interspers'd with several interesting anecdotes and original papers, relating to the politics and principles of the people called quakers: being a sequel to a late well-known pamphlet, intitled a brief state of pennsylvania. in a second letter to a friend in london
charge delivered May 17, 1757, at the first anniversary commencement in the college and academy of Philadelphia, 1757, A
Colonial pamphlets.
Discourses on public occasions in America
État présent de la Pensilvanie où l'on trouve le détail de ce qui s'y est passé depuis la défaite du Général Braddock jusqu'à la prise d'Oswego, avec une carte particulière de cette colonie.
Eulogium on Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D., president of the American Philosophical Society, Held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge, fellow of the Royal Society of London, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, of the Royal Society at Gottingen, the Batavian Society in Holland, and of many other literary societies in Europe and America, late minister plenipotentiary for the United States of America at the Court of Paris, sometime president, and for more than half a century a revered citizen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania : delivered March 1, 1791, in the German Lutheran Church of the city of Philadelphia, before the American Philosophical Society, and agreeably to their appointment
Examination of the connecticut claim to lands in pennsylvania
Exercise containing a dialogue and two odes set to music for the public commencement in the college of philadelphia, may 17th, 1775
General idea of the college of mirania; with a sketch of the the method of teaching science and religion, in the several classes: and some account of its rise, establishment and buildings. address'd more immediately to the consideration of the trustees nominated, by the legislature, to receive proposals, &c. relating to the establishment of a college in the province of new-york
Historical account of the expedition against the ohio indians, in the year 1764 under the command of henry bouquet, esq, colonel of foot, and now brigadier general in america : including his transactions with the indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of peace : with an introductory account of the preceeding campaign, and battle at bushy-run : to which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages, a method of forming frontier settlements, some account of the indian country, with a list of nations, fighting men, towns, distances and different routs : the whole illustrated with a map and copper-plates
Historical account of the rise, progress and present state of the canal navigation in Pennsylvania With an appendix, containing, abstracts of the acts of the Legislature since the year 1790, and their grants of money for improving roads and navigable waters throughout the state; to which is annexed, "an explanatory map." Published by direction of the president and managers of the Schuylkill and Susquehanna, and the Delaware and Schuylkill Navigation Companies. [Twenty two lines of verse]., An
Indian songs of peace with a proposal, in a prefatory epistle, for erecting Indian schools. And a postscript by the editor, introducing Yariza, an Indian maid's letter, to the principal ladies of the province and city of New-York. By the author of the American fables.
kurtze Nachricht von der liebreichen Anstalt welche zum Besten und zur Unterweisung der armen Teutschen, und ihrer Nachkommen in Pennsylvanien, und anderen daran grÜÞntzenden englischen Provinzien in Nord-America errichtet worden ist, Eine
Leben Gottes in der Seele des Menschen oder Die Natur und Vortreflichkeit der christlichen Religion, den zerstreuten Kindern Gottes und verlohrnen Schafen vom Hause Israel in und ausser den mancherley Partien zum Dienst, auf Veranstaltung der von einer löblichen Gesellschaft in London ernenten General Trustees aus dem Englischen ins Teutsche übersetzt, nebst einer in ihrem Namen gestelten Vorrede, worin so wohl das Vorhaben dieser löblichen Gesellschaft als auch die eigentliche Absicht dieser gegenwärtigen Uebersetzung vorgeleget wird, Das
[Liberty triumphs over Tyranny]
Life of God in the soul of man.
Monthly chronicle of the British colonies
Oration in memory of general montgomery, and of the officers and soldiers who fell with him, december 31, 1775, before quebec drawn up (and delivered february 19th, 1776) at the desire of the honourable continental congress
Personal affliction and frequent reflection upon human life, of great use to lead man to the remembrance of God : a sermon preach'd on Sunday, Sept. 1, 1754 in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, occasioned by the death of a beloved pupil who departed this life August 28, 1754 in the 16th year of his age
Plain truth : addressed to the inhabitants of America, containing, remarks on a late pamphlet, entitled Common sense ...
Poems on several occasions : with some other compositions
Pregeth ar helynt bresennol America A bregethwyd yn Christ-Church, Mehefin y 23, 1775. Ar ddeifyfiad swyddogion y drydydd fyddin o ddinas Philadelphia, a rhaglawiaeth Southwark. Gan William Smith.
Proposals for printing by subscription, a body of sermons, upon the most important branches of practical Christianity
Relation historique de l'expédition contre les Indiens de l'Ohio en 1764
Remarks on a second publication of B. Henry Latrobe, engineer : said to be printed by order of the Committee of the Councils, of the city and distributed among the members of the legislature.
Select sermons of William Smith, D.D. late provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia
Sermon on the present situation of american affairs preached in christ-church, june 23, 1775. at the request of the officers of the third battalion of the city of philadelphia and district of southwark
sermon, preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia before the Provincial Grand Master, and General Communication of Free and Accepted Masons. On Tuesday the 24th of June, 1755, being the Grand Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, A
sermon preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, on Friday, October 7th, 1785, before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the states of New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and South-Carolina, A : on occasion of the first introduction of the liturgy and public service of the said Church, as altered and recommended to future use, by the Convention
Sermon printed by B. Franklin 1754
Some account of the charitable corporation erected A.D. 1769, for the relief of the widows and children of clergymen in the communion of the Church of England in America with a copy of their charters, and fundamental rules : and also a sermon, preached before the said corporation, on occasion of their first meeting
Some account of the North-America Indians; their genius, characters, customs, and dispositions, towards the French and English nations. To which are added, Indian miscellanies, viz. 1. The speech of a Creek Indian against the immoderate use of spirituous liquors; delivered in a national assembly of the Creeks, upon the breaking out of the late war. 2. A letter from Yariza, an Indian maid of the royal line of the Mohawks, to the principal ladies of New-York. 3. Indian songs of peace. 4. An American fable.
Unanimity and public spirit. A sermon preached at Carlisle, and some other Episcopal churches, in the counties of York and Cumberland, soon after General Braddock's defeat. Published by particular request. By the Reverend Mr. Thomas Barton, missionary to the said churches. To which is prefixed, a letter from the Reverend Mr. Smith, provost of the College of Philadelphia, concerning the office and duties of a Protestant ministry, especially in times of public calamity and danger